6 Best Sub-Affiliate Partner Programs


Welcome to the fascinating realm of Forex Sub-Affiliate Programs, the gateway to unlocking a stream of passive income that, once tapped, could transform your financial future.

In this comprehensive guide, we take a deep dive into Forex affiliate marketing, showcasing the top six programs that have proven to be game-changers in the industry.


In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn about the following:


  • ✅ Understanding Forex Affiliate Programs
  • ✅ The Importance of Sub-Affiliate Partner Programs
  • ✅ The 6 Best Sub-Affiliate Partner Programs
  • ✅ How to Choose the Right Forex Sub-Affiliate Program
  • ✅ How to Succeed with Forex Affiliate Marketing
  • ✅ The Best Forex Brokers
  • ✅ Our Final Thoughts on Sub-Affiliate Partner Programs
  • ✅ Sub-Affiliate Partner Programs FAQ



And lots more…


Understanding Forex Affiliate Programs


Affiliate programs for the Forex market have emerged as a lucrative way to generate passive income. These partnerships exist between Forex brokers and individuals or businesses (affiliates) who refer prospective traders to the brokers.

Affiliates receive a commission for each referred trader who opens an account and begins trading. This section will delve into the complexities of Forex affiliate programs, describing what they are, how they function, and how they can be a lucrative endeavor for those interested in the Forex market.


What are Forex Affiliate Programs?


Forex affiliate programs are marketing programs offered by Forex brokers to individuals or businesses referred to as affiliates. These affiliates promote the broker’s services through their websites, blogs, social media, and other online channels.  The primary objective of these programs is to drive visitors to the Forex broker’s website and encourage traders to sign up.

Typically, affiliates are given a unique affiliate link for their promotional content. This link tracks affiliate referrals to the broker’s website. When a user clicks on the affiliate link and creates a trading account, the affiliate will receive a commission.

The commission structure varies from broker to broker and may be based on the trading volume of the referred client, the amount of the deposit, or a flat fee per referral.


Understanding Forex Affiliate Programs


How do Forex Affiliate Programs Work?


Forex affiliate programs are based on a revenue-sharing or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model. Affiliates who join a Forex affiliate program receive a unique affiliate ID embedded in their referral link. This ID tracks all traffic from the affiliate’s online platforms to the broker’s website.

A cookie is placed on a potential trader’s computer when they click the affiliate link. This cookie records the user’s trading account registration and tracks their activity. If the user registers and begins trading, the affiliate receives credit for the referral and is compensated with a commission.

In Forex affiliate programs, the commission structure can be quite lucrative. Some brokers provide a CPA model in which affiliates receive a flat fee for each trader they refer.

Others provide a revenue share model in which affiliates earn a percentage of the trading fees generated by traders they refer. Some brokers even provide a hybrid model that combines aspects of the CPA and revenue share models.

Banners, landing pages, and email templates are among the marketing materials made available to affiliates by the broker. In addition, they have access to tracking tools that permit them to monitor their referrals, conversions, and earnings in real time.


Understanding Forex Affiliate Programs


The Importance of Sub-Affiliate Partner Programs


Sub-affiliate programs are an integral part of the affiliate marketing landscape in the Forex industry. These programs enable affiliates to recruit additional affiliates, creating a network of marketers promoting the broker’s services.

The primary affiliate receives a commission for their own referrals and those of their sub-affiliates. This multi-tiered system can significantly increase an affiliate’s earning potential and expand the broker’s marketing efforts.

Sub-affiliate programs are essential for multiple reasons. They incentivize affiliates to recruit more affiliates, thereby expanding the broker’s promotional network without incurring additional marketing costs.

In addition to their direct referrals, they also offer affiliates the opportunity to earn passive income from the efforts of their sub-affiliates. Finally, they foster a sense of community and collaboration among affiliates, which can result in more effective marketing strategies and increased conversion rates.


The Importance of Sub-Affiliate Partner Programs


Generating Passive Income with Sub-Affiliate Programs


Sub-affiliate programs can be a potent passive income-generating tool. When an affiliate recruits a sub-affiliate, the affiliate receives a commission for each referral made by the sub-affiliate.  This means that the affiliate can generate revenue through their own marketing efforts and those of their sub-affiliates.

Recruitment of high-performing sub-affiliates is the key to passive income generation through sub-affiliate programs. This requires careful selection and active assistance to ensure the success of sub-affiliates.

Affiliates should seek sub-affiliates with a strong online presence, a solid grasp of Forex trading, and effective marketing abilities. Providing sub-affiliates with training, resources, and consistent feedback can also improve their performance and increase the number of referrals they generate.


Generating Passive Income with Sub-Affiliate Programs


Enhancing Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy


Adding sub-affiliate programs to your affiliate marketing strategy can increase your earnings potential. Here are several ways to effectively leverage sub-affiliate programs:


  • ✅ Search your network for potential sub-affiliates with a strong online presence and a solid grasp of Forex trading. They should also possess effective marketing skills to promote the broker’s services.
  • ✅ Give your sub-affiliates the training and resources they need to succeed. This could include marketing materials, Forex trading training, and regular performance feedback.
  • ✅ Use the tracking tools provided by the broker to monitor the performance of your sub-affiliates. This will allow you to determine which sub-affiliates perform well and which require additional assistance.



To attract more sub-affiliates, promote the sub-affiliate program on your online platforms. Highlight the program’s benefits, such as the opportunity to earn passive income and the support you provide as the primary affiliate.


Enhancing Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy


The 6 Best Sub-Affiliate Partner Programs




Exness is a distinguished brokerage firm recognized for its extensive trading instruments, encompassing Forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.  With its intuitive platforms, competitive spreads, and dependable execution, Exness offers traders an uninterrupted trading experience.

Exness is a prominent Forex broker with a lucrative affiliate program. Affiliates earn up to $1,850 depending on their referrals’ country, platform, and deposit size.


Exness Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features


  • Sub-affiliates can earn up to $45 for each referral-generated registration, contingent on the country and platform.
  • Exness accepts traffic from over 130 countries, enabling sub-affiliates to attract leads from various regions.
  • Sub-affiliates receive consistent monthly payments for the leads they generate.



Exness offers optional rewards to recognize sub-affiliates who excel in lead generation, providing an opportunity for additional earnings.


Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features




AvaTrade is a leading broker with a robust presence in the international financial markets. It offers various trading instruments, including Forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.  AvaTrade provides traders with innovative trading platforms and educational resources to enhance their trading skills.

Their affiliate program is well-established, and their sales staff is highly efficient. AvaTrade’s commission structure, payment terms, and policies are explained clearly and transparently.


AvaTrade Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features


  • ✅ Sub-affiliates gain access to the latest industry trends and technology, enabling them to manage multiple campaigns seamlessly under one account.
  • ✅ AvaTrade provides top-quality marketing materials, such as banners and landing pages, to attract quality clients and increase conversions.
  • ✅ Sub-affiliates can earn fixed payments through the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model or receive a share of revenue through the Revenue Share (RevShare) model.



Sub-affiliates can opt for the Dynamic CPA program, earning a percentage of the trader’s First Time Deposit (FTD) and increasing potential earnings with larger deposits.


AvaTrade Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features




Pepperstone is a leading forex and CFD broker known for its fast execution speeds, competitive pricing, and extensive range of trading platforms. With a strong focus on technology and customer satisfaction, Pepperstone caters to the needs of traders worldwide.

Pepperstone provides an affiliate program with a dedicated affiliate portal where you can check earnings and statistics, update your profile, and create additional tracking. They are recognized for their openness and dependable tracking system.


Pepperstone Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features


  • ✅ Sub-affiliates can earn rebates based on the trading activity of their referred clients, providing a continuous source of income.
  • ✅ Pepperstone offers a multi-tiered referral program, allowing sub-affiliates to earn additional commissions by referring other affiliates.
  • ✅ Sub-affiliates can access detailed reports and analytics to monitor their referred clients’ trading volume and track their earnings.



Pepperstone supports sub-affiliates, ensuring a seamless experience and addressing inquiries or concerns.


Pepperstone Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features




Axi is a premier Forex and CFDs broker renowned for its exceptional trading conditions and comprehensive range of financial instruments. The broker offers competitive spreads, fast execution, and reliable customer support, catering to the needs of both retail and institutional traders.

Axi’s affiliate program allows you to earn up to $1,000 per qualified trader referred. They offer a variety of marketing materials and a dedicated affiliate manager to assist you in achieving success.


Axi Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features


  • ✅ Sub-affiliates can maximize their earnings with a tiered payment structure, earning higher commissions per client as they refer more clients.
  • ✅ Sub-affiliates have access to detailed statistics that enable them to track their referred clients’ performance and measure their campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • ✅ Axi provides customized banners and landing pages to help sub-affiliates attract clients in their respective regions, enhancing their ability to generate leads.



Sub-affiliates can leverage the reputation of Axi as a trusted and multi-award-winning broker, which can help attract and retain clients.


Axi Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features




FXTM is a reputable broker offering a comprehensive range of trading instruments, including Forex, commodities, indices, and shares. With its client-centric approach and advanced trading platforms, FXTM provides traders access to global financial markets and a seamless trading experience.


FXTM Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features


  • Sub-affiliates can earn generous commissions based on the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model, rewarding each qualified client referred.
  • FXTM offers customizable commission plans to suit the preferences and business goals of sub-affiliates.
  • ✅ Sub-affiliates can access various marketing tools and dedicated support to enhance their promotional efforts and maximize client acquisition.



FXTM ensures timely and reliable monthly payments for sub-affiliated commissions.


FXTM Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features




HFM is a respected brokerage firm that offers a broad range of trading instruments, including Forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

With its advanced trading platforms, competitive pricing, and robust customer support, HFM provides traders with a reliable and comprehensive trading experience.


HFM Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features


  • Sub-affiliates can earn up to $30 for each lot of net revenue generated by the traders they refer, incentivizing them to attract quality clients and encourage their trading activities.
  • Sub-affiliates can also earn a standard commission amount per lot traded by the clients referred by their sub-affiliates, expanding their earning potential.



HFM offers an auto-rebate system that allows sub-affiliates to pay rebates directly to their clients’ trading accounts, providing flexibility in rebate adjustments, and offering manual or automated payment options.


HFM Sub-Affiliate Partner Program Features


How to Choose the Right Forex Sub-Affiliate Program


Choosing the best Forex sub-affiliate program can significantly impact your affiliate’s success. The right program can generate a steady stream of passive income, whereas the wrong one can lead to time and resource waste.


Consider the following factors when selecting a Forex sub-affiliate program:


  • ✅ The Forex broker’s reputation is crucial. Ensure that the broker is regulated and that traders and other affiliates have provided positive feedback. A broker with a formidable reputation is more likely to attract and retain traders, which can result in higher commissions for you.
  • ✅ Examine the sub-affiliate program’s commission structure. Others offer a percentage of the trading fees generated by referred traders. Choose a program with a commission structure that complements your marketing strategy and earnings objectives.
  • ✅ A good sub-affiliate program will provide you with the support and resources you need to succeed. This may include marketing materials, training, and a dedicated affiliate manager who can answer questions and provide direction.



The program should offer dependable tracking and reporting tools that enable you to monitor your referrals, conversions, and earnings in real time. This will allow you to evaluate the efficacy of your marketing efforts and make any necessary adjustments.


How to Choose the Right Forex Sub-Affiliate Program


What to Look for in a Sub-Affiliate Program


When evaluating a Forex sub-affiliate program, it is important to consider the following factors:


  • ✅ The program’s commission structure, payment terms, and policies should be described clearly and openly.
  • ✅ The program should have a dependable tracking system that accurately tracks referrals and commissions.
  • ✅ The program should provide a variety of payment methods and timely payments.
  • ✅ Search for programs with a high rate of conversion. This demonstrates that the broker’s services appeal to traders and that the marketing materials for the program are effective.



The program should offer responsive and beneficial support to its affiliates.


What to Look for in a Sub-Affiliate Program


Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Forex Affiliate Program


Although commission rates are important, they should not be the only factor you consider when selecting an affiliate program. In the long run, a program with high commission rates but poor support, low conversion rates, or a poor reputation may not be profitable.

Before joining a broker’s affiliate program, conducting extensive research on the broker is essential. Ensure the broker is regulated, has a solid reputation, and provides traders with appealing services.  Always read the affiliate program’s terms and conditions before joining. This will help you avoid surprises in the future.

Not Monitoring Your Performance Failing to monitor your performance can result in missed opportunities for growth. Utilize the program’s tracking tools to monitor your referrals, conversions, and earnings.


Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Forex Affiliate Program


How to Succeed with Forex Affiliate Marketing


Achieving success in Forex affiliate marketing requires strategic planning, effective marketing, and a comprehensive knowledge of the Forex market. Here are some suggestions for your success:


  • ✅ Understanding the Forex Market is essential to have a solid understanding of the Forex market. This will allow you to create informative, accurate, and valuable content for your audience.
  • ✅ Not all Forex affiliate programs are equal. Select a program with competitive commissions, dependable tracking tools, and solid support.
  • ✅ Developing quality content is essential for attracting and retaining an audience. This may include blog posts, videos, webinars, and social media posts that provide valuable Forex trading information.
  • ✅ Your affiliate link is the key to commission earnings. It should be promoted on your website, social media platforms, email newsletters, and other channels.



Utilize the tracking tools provided by the affiliate program to keep track of your performance. This will enable you to determine what is working and what is not so that you can make the necessary adjustments.


Key Strategies for Successful Forex Affiliates


  • ✅ Targeted marketing requires knowing who your audience is and what they want. This will allow you to create marketing campaigns that are more likely to result in conversions because they are more targeted.
  • ✅ Utilize search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase your content’s visibility in search engines. This can attract more visitors to your website and increase your referral opportunities.
  • ✅ Establish connections with other Forex affiliates and traders. This can provide you with invaluable insights and collaboration opportunities.



The Forex market is in a state of constant change. Maintain an awareness of the most recent trends and developments to provide your audience with the most accurate and pertinent information.


Overcoming Challenges in Forex Affiliate Marketing


Forex affiliate marketing, like any other business endeavor, presents its own set of unique obstacles.  However, with the right strategies and a proactive approach, these obstacles can be effectively managed and even transformed into growth and success opportunities. Let us delve deeper into these obstacles and their solutions.


Market Volatility


The Forex market is notorious for its high volatility, with exchange rates fluctuating rapidly over short periods. This volatility can make predicting market trends and providing accurate information to your audience challenging.  To combat this, affiliates must utilize credible and trustworthy market news and analysis sources. Keeping abreast of recent market trends and economic events lets you provide your audience with timely and accurate information.

In addition, providing educational content that teaches your audience how to navigate market volatility can be a valuable resource.


Industry Competition


The Forex affiliate marketing industry is highly competitive, with numerous affiliates vying for the same audience’s attention. You must provide your audience with something unique and valuable to stand out.  This includes exclusive content, expert insights, personalized advice, or special promotional offers. Creating a strong brand identity and a unique selling proposition (USP) can help you stand out.

Remember that success in affiliate marketing is contingent not only on audience attraction but also on fostering customer loyalty and trust.


Regulatory Changes


The Forex market is subject to various regulations that can evolve. Changes to the trading conditions or offerings of the broker you are promoting can influence your affiliate marketing efforts.  To overcome this obstacle, it is essential to remain current on the latest regulatory developments in the Forex market.

Subscribing to industry news sources, attending pertinent webinars and seminars, and keeping an open line of communication with your broker are all essential. Be prepared to adjust your marketing strategies and messaging in response to regulatory changes.


Building Trust


Building trust is essential to the success of any affiliate marketing initiative. Your audience must believe you provide truthful, impartial, and reliable information. Be transparent about your affiliate relationships to build this trust.  Disclose your affiliate links and inform your audience that when they sign up through your link, you will earn a commission at no additional cost. In addition, ensure that your content is of high caliber, accurate, and useful.

Avoid making unattainable claims and endorsing high-risk trading strategies. It takes time to build trust, but it is essential for establishing long-term relationships with your audience and achieving sustainable success in Forex affiliate marketing.


How to Succeed with Forex Affiliate Marketing


The Best Forex Brokers


In this article, we have listed the best brokers who offer trading solutions and opportunities to traders. In addition, we have further identified the brokers that offer additional services and solutions to traders.


Best MetaTrader 4 / MT4 Forex Broker – Exness


Overall, Exness is the best MT4 Forex broker. With perfect device integration, Exness offers trading accounts through MetaTrader 4 on desktop, mobile, and the web.

Furthermore, traders can access advanced charting, drawing tools, indicators, and more with Exness on MetaTrader 4.


Best MetaTrader 4 MT4 Forex Broker - Exness


Best MetaTrader 5 / MT5 Forex Broker – HF Markets


Overall, HFM is the best MetaTrader 5 Forex Broker. Traders with an MT5 account at HFM can access over 1,200 financial instruments, including CFDs on Indices. Furthermore, traders can trade multiple instruments without commissions and at competitive spreads.


Best MetaTrader 5 MT5 Forex Broker - HF Markets


Best Forex Broker for beginners – AvaTrade


Overall, AvaTrade is the best Forex broker for beginners. AvaTrade offers the best education for beginning traders, including guides, videos, eBooks, tutorials, and more.  AvaTrade also provides user-friendly trading software as well as a comprehensive demo account.

Traders can access AvaTrade’s award-winning market analysis through various powerful trading platforms.


Best Forex Broker for beginners - AvaTrade


Best Low Minimum Deposit Forex Broker – Interactive Brokers


Overall, Interactive Brokers is the best Low Minimum Deposit Forex Broker. There is no set minimum deposit amount at Interactive Brokers, and the margin rates at Interactive Brokers are lower than those of its competitors.

To reduce trading costs, it offers zero-commission trading on its IBKR Lite platform and a standard fee of half a penny per share ($1 minimum per trade).


Best Low Minimum Deposit Forex Broker - Interactive Brokers


Best ECN Forex Broker – VantageFX


Overall, VantageFX is the best ECN Forex broker. VantageFX is an option for professional traders who want to use sophisticated trading strategies while receiving the best ECN pricing. VantageFX also supports MT4 and MT5, works with top liquidity providers, and prevents slippage.


Best ECN Forex Broker - VantageFX


Best Forex Rebates Broker – IC Markets


Overall, IC Markets is the Best Forex Rebates Broker. Traders who trade Forex, Indices, Precious Metals, and Cryptocurrencies can earn rebates on Standard, Raw Spread, and cTrader Accounts.

Furthermore, depending on the account, the instrument being traded, and the volume of trades, traders can earn up to 0.4 pips, 21.50% commissions, or up to $1.25 per lot.


Best Forex Rebates Broker - IC Markets


Best Islamic / Swap-Free Forex Broker – Oanda


Overall, OANDA is the best Islamic / Swap-Free Forex broker. OANDA meets the halal trading needs of all Muslim traders. OANDA provides a reasonable portfolio of tradable instruments, competitive trading conditions, and a broad range of financial instruments across multiple asset classes.


Best Islamic Swap-Free Forex Broker - Oanda


Best Forex Trading App – FBS


Overall, FBS is the best Forex trading app. FBS is the best option for mobile trading because it is a well-regulated hybrid STP/ECN broker. Furthermore, FBS Trader provides a no-deposit bonus, multi-asset trading, and leverage up to 1:3000.

Traders can also deposit and withdraw funds via the FBS Trader 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When trading stocks, Forex, and various other asset classes, traders can also have access to 24/7 customer support and earn 20% cashback.


Best Forex Trading App - FBS


Best Lowest Spread Forex Broker – Fusion Markets


Overall, Fusion Markets is the best lowest-spread Forex broker. Traders using Fusion Markets can expect spreads as low as 0.9 pips on popular pairs like EUR/USD. Traders can also expect commissions of $9.


Best Lowest Spread Forex Broker - Fusion Markets


Best Nasdaq 100 Forex Broker – IG


Overall, IG is the best Nasdaq 100 Forex broker. IG offers traders access to world indices and several other instruments, competitively low spreads, and powerful trading platforms through which markets can be traded.


Best Nasdaq 100 Forex Broker - IG


Best Volatility 75 / VIX 75 Forex Broker – XTB


Overall, XTB is the best Volatility 75 / VIX 75 Forex Broker. XTB offers the Volatility 75 on its award-winning xStation 5 platform, with spreads as low as 0.1 pips and leverage up to 1:67.

Traders also have access to advanced tools and research to help them optimize their trading strategies.


Best Volatility 75 VIX 75 Forex Broker - XTB


Best NDD Forex Broker – OctaFX


Overall, OctaFX is the best NDD Forex Broker. OctaFX is the best option for traders looking for superior STP and ECN execution across hundreds of international stock CFDs. Furthermore, traders can access vast markets using MT4, MT5, and the OctaFX trader.


Best NDD Forex Broker - OctaFX


Best STP Forex Broker – RoboForex


Overall, RoboForex is the best STP Forex Broker. Traders can open a commission-free STP account with RoboForex and expect spreads as low as 1.3 pips on major currencies like EUR/USD.

Traders can use MT4, MT5, R StocksTrader, R MobileTrader, and R WebTrader; the minimum deposit is low.


Best STP Forex Broker - RoboForex


Best Sign-up Bonus Forex Broker – InstaForex


Overall, InstaForex is the best sign-up bonus forex broker. Traders can access a variety of deposit bonuses through the BVI FSC regulatory entities. InstaForex also provides a $1,000 no-deposit bonus to traders who open their first live account.


Best Sign-up Bonus Forex Broker - InstaForex



In Conclusion


In our experience, sub-affiliate partner programs have emerged as a powerful tool in the Forex industry, offering a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to generate a substantial income stream.

These programs leverage the power of network marketing, allowing affiliates to earn not only from their direct referrals but also from the referrals made by their sub-affiliates.

This multi-tiered commission structure can amplify earning potential and foster community and collaboration among affiliates.  However, we urge traders to remember that not all sub-affiliate programs are created equal. The success of an affiliate depends on the quality of the program they choose to join.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Forex Affiliate Program?

Affiliates earn a commission for referring clients to a Forex broker or service through Forex Affiliate Programs.


How do Sub-Affiliate Programs in Forex work?

Sub-Affiliate Programs in Forex function by offering affiliates commissions for the people they refer and any other affiliates those people refer, thereby creating a multi-tiered commission system.


Why are Forex Sub-Affiliate Programs important?

Forex Sub-Affiliate Programs are significant because they provide the opportunity to generate passive income and can enhance an affiliate’s marketing strategy by expanding its network.


What should I look for in a Forex Sub-Affiliate Program?

Consider programs with competitive commission rates, dependable payment systems, robust marketing support, and a positive standing in the Forex community.


What are the common mistakes in choosing a Forex Affiliate Program?

Common errors include failing to conduct exhaustive research on the program, focusing solely on the commission rate, and ignoring the quality of the promoted broker or service.


How can I succeed in Forex Affiliate Marketing?

Focus on building trust with your audience, providing valuable content, and continuously educating yourself on Forex market trends to achieve success in Forex affiliate marketing.


What are the challenges in Forex Affiliate Marketing?

Maintaining credibility, keeping abreast of Forex market trends, and adhering to regulations and guidelines established by financial authorities are obstacles in Forex affiliate marketing.