What is cashback forex?

In forex trading, cashback rebates, sometimes called forex rebates, allow traders to receive a portion of the spread or commission they pay on each trade.

Can I trust Forex rebate providers?

Yes, you can; with the correct research you do, you can look at things such as. Security measures, brokers’ web pages transparency, and the broker’s track records are essential. If you wish to test a broker, always start small.


Which 5 top rebate brokers do you advise to use?

Based on our research, all the regulated brokers listed on our webpage have excellent track records; our top five are Exness, AvaTrade, Hf Markets, Xm, and Tickmill.


What are my options if my current broker is not on your supported broker?

If rebates are a major factor for you, consider switching brokers to one that is supported. Some brokers are known for offering competitive rebate programs.


Would it be possible to use my current trading account to get rebates?

Yes, depending on the broker, your existing account can be used. On our webpage, we will guide you on the way forward to use an existing account.


Is it possible to have multiple accounts with one broker?

Yes, having multiple accounts with the same broker is absolutely possible and quite common. It can offer several advantages for investors. Including Segregated accounts, Tax Optimization Risk Management


Do forex rebates affect trading execution?

No, rebates do not affect your trading execution. Rebates are paid out for trading on the broker’s platform as you would generally trade; there is no need to change your trading strategy. You can consider it a bonus.


What are the potential profits that I can earn with Rebates?

Rebates are typically a percentage of the spread or commission you pay. This means the more you trade (and the higher your trading volume), the greater the potential rebate earnings.


Should I consider trading rebates?  

Yes, especially if you are a regular trader., Rebates can help you recoup a portion of the spread or commission you pay on every trade, potentially increasing your profitability.


Are there any risks involved?

Yes, there is a risk with any trading platform. You need to do in-depth research on the broker you trade with and understand their policy; it is best to use a regulated broker with a good track record. Use rebates as a bonus.


Will using rebates harm my trading conditions?

No, using a rebate service should not directly affect your trading conditions, such as spreads, commissions, or swaps. It’s simply a way to potentially earn some money back from the broker’s fees.


Do I get rebates on winning and losing trades? Are there minimum trade volume requirements?

Yes, with some brokers, minimum trading volumes are required; however, rebates are not based on winning or losing. They are based on trading volumes.


When do I get paid my cashback?

Each broker has a specific payout method; some are weekly or monthly, and a few are daily.


How are forex rebates paid?

The most popular way rebates are paid out is directly into the trader’s account, where you can then withdraw the funds. However, some brokers put it into the trader’s account so they can use the rebate for their next trade.


Do you have access to my account?

No, we cannot access your account, as rebates are paid directly into your trading account by the broker.


What are some limitations of cashback forex?

Yes, understanding the limitations will help you make a more informed decision for your trading goals. These include a trader chasing rebates and making impulsive trading decisions and trading more, increasing risks, and tax implications that are taxable in some countries.


Can I get rebates on my demo account?

Demo accounts are primarily for educational purposes. They focus on developing trading skills and strategies, not generating profits.


 Can I open my account on my own to earn rebates?

Yes, the brokers that we promote are brokers that do have a rebate system in place.

We work hand in hand with brokers to negotiate higher rebates for you.


Which are the best Broker rebates at the moment?

HFM, Avatrade, XM, FBS and Exness offers some of the biggest reabtes to loyal clients.