FBS Cashback Rebates

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👉Claim 30% on Spread cashback 

🚀Get Highest Rebates on your forex trades with FBS

Follow these steps to receive cashback:

  1. Click on the button below.
  2. Login to your FBS Personal Area.
  3. On the Dashboard, click on the trading account you want to link to our IB. (Client Dashboard)
  4. Find the field "Partner Attachment" in the settings and click on "Attach". (Partner Attachment)
  5. Enter our IB ID 33403439 in the pop-up window, and press the "Attach" button once again.

Please note:
  1. Your account must have no prior trading orders, or
  2. prior trading orders must only be done within one week of the trading account creation.

FBS Cashback Rebates
Client Dashboard
FBS Cashback Rebates
Partner Attachment