ForexMart Cashback Rebates


Overall, ForexMart offers a Forex cashback to affiliates of up to 7 USD when their clients register a Cent, Classic, Pro, or Zero Spread Account and start trading Forex. However, affiliates could earn up to 10 USD back on their clients’ trades on Commodities, according to ForexMart.


ForexMart Cashback Rebates


How to Open a Forex Cashback Account with ForexMart (via SAShares)


You can follow these steps to register for a Forex Cashback Account with ForexMart via SAShares.



Step 1:  Visit the ForexMart website and click “Open New Account.”

Step 2:   Submit your Trading ID to us: [SAShares]


For Example:


To: [SAShares]

Subject: New ForexMart Rebate Application


“Dear SAShares Team,

Please view my ForexMart Client ID: 12345 (Your Account, Client, or Trading ID] and inform me whether my rebate application has been accepted.”


Step 3:  Wait for approval, which will be sent within [number of hours]. Once approval is given, you will automatically receive your cashback rebates from the ForexMart system.



How to transfer your existing Forex Cashback Account with ForexMart (via SAShares)


If you have an existing trading account with ForexMart, you can easily transfer your existing Cashback Account to SAShares using these few steps:



Step 1:    Send an email to ForexMart: [email protected]  Request that the broker transfer the trading account under the following SAShares Affiliate ID: [SAShares]


For Example:


To: [SAShares]

Subject: Account Transfer Request


“Dear ForexMart Partner/Affiliate Team,

I would hereby like to request that my account be transferred to IB/Partner/Affiliate code [SAShares Code]. Furthermore, I would hereby like to request to be assigned under the mentioned IB regardless of whether my account falls under an umbrella or parent IB.”


Step 2:  Once you receive confirmation of the transfer from ForexMart, you can create an additional trading account.

Step 3:  Lastly, you can send your Trading or Client ID to [SAShares].


For Example:


To: [SAShares]

Subject: New ForexMart Rebate Application


“Dear SAShares Team,

Please view my ForexMart Client ID: 12345 (Your Account, Client, or Trading ID] and inform me whether my rebate application has been accepted.


How to Open a Forex Cashback Account with ForexMart (via SAShares)


Understanding Forex Trading Rebates with ForexMart


ForexMart is a global investment firm that provides various financial products to diversify a portfolio. They provide their customers with a rebate scheme determined per lot for various trading products.  ForexMart’s rebate program gives customers a one-of-a-kind chance to earn incentives based on their trading actions across multiple account types and trading instruments.

The rebates are determined per lot or contract, and the amounts vary based on the kind of account and trading instrument employed. Below is a breakdown of the rebates that traders can expect from ForexMart:


  • ✅ Clients who use the Cent account for currency (FX) trading receive a rebate of 7 USD cents for each lot. The Classic account users get a 7 USD per lot discount. Pro account users are entitled to a 1.5 USD per lot discount, while those on the Zero Spread account are eligible for a 3.5 USD per lot reimbursement.
  • ✅ The rebates for trading Gold (XAUUSD) vary depending on the account type. The Cent and Pro accounts get a 7 USD cents per lot rebate, while the Classic and Zero Spread accounts receive a 30 USD and 30 USD per lot rebate, respectively.
  • ✅ Similarly, for Silver trading, Cent account users get 3 USD cents for each lot, Classic account holders receive 3 USD per lot, Pro account holders receive 1.7 USD per lot, and Zero Spread account holders receive 3 USD per lot.
  • ✅ All account categories provide the same rebate for commodity trading: 10 USD cents per lot for Cent accounts, 10 USD per lot for Classic accounts, 5 USD per lot for Pro accounts, and 10 USD per lot for Zero Spread accounts.
  • ✅ The rebates for trading indices are calculated per contract rather than per lot. The Cent account can make 3 USD cents per contract, the Classic account can earn 3 USD per contract, the Pro account can earn 0.7 USD per contract, and the Zero Spread account can earn 3 USD each contract.
  • ✅ The rebate stays constant across all account types while trading equities and cryptocurrencies. Whether the customer has a Cent, Classic, Pro, or Zero Spread account, they may take advantage of a rebate of 0.7 USD cents for each contract for stocks and 0.7 USD per lot for cryptocurrencies.



Clients must study and comprehend the exact rebate rates connected with their selected account type and trading instruments. The rebate scheme incentivizes traders to optimize their trading activity and receive additional benefits depending on their trading volumes.



What are the maximum rebates I can earn with ForexMart?

You can earn up to $10 on commodities per lot using the Classic and Zero Spread Accounts.


Can I withdraw my rebates with ForexMart?

Yes, you can. However, you might be subject to certain terms and conditions.


Understanding Forex Trading Rebates with ForexMart


Tips and Key Points for Choosing ForexMart for Forex Trading Rebates


Choosing an appropriate Forex trading rebate program may impact the entire trading experience and profitability. Among the choices offered, ForexMart’s rebate program stands out as one that may give traders additional rewards.

Before making an educated choice about using ForexMart for Forex trading rebates, several crucial criteria and advice should be examined.


Evaluate Deposit and Withdrawal Options


Consider the simplicity with which you may withdraw your earned rebates. ForexMart should provide a simple method for withdrawing collected rebates. Watch for any possible minimum withdrawal limitations or costs related to the withdrawal procedure.


Understand the Rebate Structure


ForexMart offers a competitive rebate program, and it is critical to understand its complexity. This entails comprehending the rebate rates and the exact conditions under which rebates are provided. To prevent any surprises later, thoroughly understand the rebate program’s terms and conditions.




ForexMart’s rebate scheme should be completely transparent. This includes providing detailed information on how rebates are computed, the exact time of distribution, and any related terms or limits that traders should be aware of.


Customer service


When working with rebate programs, the quality of customer service is critical. ForexMart should provide strong and responsive customer service to resolve any questions or issues traders may have about the rebate program.


Rebate Pay-out Frequency


Traders must check the frequency of rebate payouts. Different brokers provide different payment frequency options, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.  ForexMart’s rebate program should specify the payment frequency, and you should choose one that corresponds to your trading strategy and cash flow needs.


Effect on Trading Expenses


Rebates could significantly reduce your trading expenses. Your net cost for each transaction falls when you get a part of the spread or commission back. This is particularly useful for high-volume traders looking to reduce their total trading expenditures.


Compatibility with Your Trading Technique


Make sure the rebate program is compatible with your trading technique. High-frequency traders, for example, might profit from a rebate program like ForexMart’s since it enables them to receive rebates on many transactions completed quickly.


Tips and Key Points for Choosing ForexMart for Forex Trading Rebates


Number of Traders participating in ForexMart Cashback Rebates Plus Real-Life Examples


Although we do not know how many traders are participating in the ForexMart cash rebates, we can provide some examples of how the program works.


🥇 Abi Campos – High-Volume Forex Trader


Abi Campos is an experienced and high-volume Forex trader who executes numerous trades daily. With ForexMart’s rebate program, Abi can benefit significantly from her trading activities. As a high-frequency trader, Abi generates a substantial trading volume, resulting in many lots traded daily.

With ForexMart’s competitive rebate rates, Abi earns rebates on every lot she trades, regardless of the account type or trading instrument used. Since the rebate program offers transparent and straightforward terms, Abi can easily calculate her potential earnings based on her trading volume.

Suppose Abi executes an average of 50 lots daily, combining currency pairs, gold, and commodities trading. Abi can earn rebates ranging from 7 USD cents to 10 USD per lot, depending on her chosen account type.  Over time, these accumulated rebates can significantly reduce her overall trading costs and contribute to her profitability.

Considering the high-frequency nature of Abi’s trading strategy, ForexMart’s rebate program can be a valuable addition to her trading toolkit.  The frequent pay-out frequency provided by ForexMart ensures that Abi can access her earned rebates regularly, providing her with an additional source of income that complements her trading profits.


🥈 Nevaeh Graves – Long-Term Investor


Nevaeh Graves is a patient and long-term investor in the Forex market. Unlike Abi, Nevaeh adopts a buy-and-hold approach, focusing on major currency pairs and occasionally diversifying with gold and silver trading. Her trading frequency is low, with an average of 5 lots traded per week.

Despite the lower trading volume, Nevaeh can still benefit from ForexMart’s rebate program. While the rebate rates for long-term investors like Nevaeh may not be as substantial as those for high-frequency traders, they can still contribute to her overall trading performance.

Let us assume Nevaeh executes 5 lots per week, primarily focusing on major currency pairs with the Classic account type. With a rebate rate of 7 USD per lot, Nevaeh can accumulate rebates over time. These rebates can act as a passive income stream, offsetting some of her trading costs.

For Nevaeh, the transparency of ForexMart’s rebate program is crucial. By understanding the rebate structure and pay-out frequency, she can make informed decisions about her trading activities and maximize her potential earnings.


🥉 Ezekiel Sweeney – Active Cryptocurrency Trader


Ezekiel Sweeney is an active trader who specializes in cryptocurrencies. He frequently trades various cryptocurrencies against major fiat currencies like USD and EUR.  Ezekiel’s trading style involves short to medium-term trades, aiming to capitalize on price fluctuations in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

With ForexMart’s rebate program, Ezekiel can benefit from his cryptocurrency trading activities. Regardless of his account type, Ezekiel earns a consistent rebate of 0.7 USD per lot traded, regardless of the cryptocurrency pair.  Suppose Ezekiel executes an average of 10 lots daily with a mix of different cryptocurrency pairs. With the 0.7 USD per lot rebate, Ezekiel can accumulate significant rebates over time.

These rebates act as a reward for his active trading, providing him with an additional incentive to continue his cryptocurrency trading endeavors.  ForexMart’s customer support is valuable for Ezekiel, especially when he has questions or concerns about the rebate program or any technical issues.

The responsive customer support team at ForexMart ensures that Ezekiel can quickly get the assistance he needs, allowing him to focus on his trading activities with peace of mind.


Number of Traders participating in ForexMart Cashback Rebates Plus Real-Life Examples


Successful Traders Benefiting from ForexMart’s Rebates


ForexMart’s Forex trading rebates program is a potent instrument that may dramatically boost retail traders’ profitability and success. Here is how successful traders are making use of ForexMart’s rebates:


  • ✅ Reduced Trading Expenses: One of the most obvious advantages of ForexMart’s rebates is a decrease in trading expenses. When a deal is executed, a part of the spread or fee is returned to the trader, lowering the trade’s cost. This may have a big influence on a trader’s bottom line, particularly for high-frequency traders who conduct a lot of deals every day.
  • ✅ Increased Profitability: ForexMart’s rebates boost the profitability of each deal by lowering trading expenses. Even if a deal earns a modest profit or breaks even, the additional rebate might convert it into a more lucrative transaction. These modest sums might add up to a large number over time, increasing the trader’s total profitability.
  • ✅ Risk Mitigation: The rebates offered by ForexMart may also be used to mitigate risk. If you lose a deal, the rebate might help you recover part of your losses. While it will not completely remove the danger, it will create a buffer to safeguard the trader’s money.
  • ✅ Enhanced Trading Capital: Rebates can be reinvested into the trading account, thus raising the trader’s trading capital. This extra cash may be utilized to establish bigger positions or diversify the trader’s portfolio, leading to higher earnings.



ForexMart’s rebates are often unlimited so traders can utilize them as appropriate. They can be used to start fresh transactions, withdrawn as cash, or kept for future usage. This adaptability gives traders more control over their trading strategy and financial management.  ForexMart’s rebate program incentivizes high-volume trading. The more deals a trader executes, the more rebates they earn. This is especially useful for day traders and scalpers, who often place many deals daily.



Is ForexMart’s rebate program suitable for beginners?

Yes, ForexMart’s rebates are suitable for beginners who use the Cent Account.


Can I earn rebates on cryptocurrency with ForexMart?

Yes, you can earn rebates on cryptocurrencies up to $0.7 per lot.



Successful Traders Benefiting from ForexMart's Rebates


ForexMart – Advantages over Competitors


ForexMart has many benefits that make it a trustworthy and appealing trading platform. Here are the main advantages:


  • ✅ ForexMart offers account options to meet a wide range of trading requirements, including a demo account for novices to practice their methods. The platform also has minimal spreads that start at 0 points, making trading more affordable.
  • ✅ ForexMart offers negative balance protection. This ensures that a trader’s losses will never surpass their account balance, protecting them from owing more money than they invested.
  • ✅ The platform allows automated trading, enabling traders to engage expert advisers and use auto-copying services. This function may assist traders in optimizing their methods and increasing their earnings.
  • ✅ ForexMart also provides a swap-free account option, which is advantageous for traders who hold positions overnight. This feature enables traders to avoid paying or earning interest, making it a good option for people who follow Islamic financial rules.
  • ✅ The IFSC in Belize monitors ForexMart to ensure that all its activities comply with the highest standards of financial behavior. This monitoring ensures that traders’ investments are protected and that the platform works openly and honestly.
  • ✅ The platform provides enough liquidity, which is essential for seamless trading. High liquidity implies that traders may easily purchase and sell assets without altering market prices. This function is especially useful for people who trade in large quantities.



ForexMart provides a diverse range of investing choices, with over 100 trading instruments accessible. Clients may trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, and futures in addition to fiat currency pairings, enabling them to diversify their portfolios and explore new markets.  ForexMart provides its customers with educational resources. The platform provides a broad selection of high-quality instructional resources to assist traders in understanding market dynamics better and making more educated choices.



Is ForexMart regulated?

Yes, ForexMart is regulated by the IFSC in Belize.


Does ForexMart offer MetaTrader?

Yes, ForexMart offers MetaTrader 4 across devices.



ForexMart - Advantages over Competitors


ForexMart Rebate Comparison vs. Notable Other Brokers


🔎 Broker🥇 ForexMart🥈🥉 FxPro
📈 Forex$7 per lotUp to $12 per lot/100% commissionUp to 55%
💡 Energies$10 per lotUp to $12 per lot/100% commissionUp to 55%
🪙 Cryptocurrency$0.7 per lotUp to $12 per lot/100% commissionUp to 55%
💎 Precious Metals$7 per lotUp to $12 per lot/100% commissionUp to 55%
📉 Indices$3 per lotUp to $12 per lot/100% commissionUp to 55%
📊 Shares$0.7 per contractUp to $12 per lot/100% commissionUp to 55%
🚀 Futuresn/an/aUp to 55%


ForexMart Rebate Comparison vs. Notable Other Brokers


How to Maximize Your Savings and Profits with Forex Trading Rebates at ForexMart


Maximizing Your Savings with ForexMart’s Trading Rebates can be done by following these tips:


  • ✅ Learn the Rebate Structure: Become acquainted with ForexMart’s rebate structure. Knowing how and when rebates are paid can help you maximize savings and plan your transactions.
  • ✅ Trade More, Save More: The greater your trading volume, the greater your rebates. Consider increasing your trading volume to earn more rebates and reduce your trading costs if your trading strategy permits.
  • ✅ Use Rebates to Offset Losses: Use your earned rebates to offset any trading losses. This can assist in lowering your overall trading expenses and increasing your net savings.



Consider reinvesting your rebates back into your trading account. This can increase your trading capital and lead to additional savings over time.  Track your rebates and ensure they are credited to your account accurately. Regular monitoring allows you to maximize your savings and promptly identify any problems.


How to Maximize Your Savings and Profits with Forex Trading Rebates at ForexMart


Exploring ForexMart’s Forex Trading Rebate Program


🔎 Live Account💴 Minimum Dep.📈 Average Spread💵 Commissions📊 Average Trading Cost
🥇 Cent$151 pipNone10 USD
🥈 Classic$151.2 pipsNone12 USD
🥉 Pro$2000.8 pipsNone8 USD
🎖️ Zero Spread$5000.2 pips$68 USD


ForexMart Regulation and Safety of Funds


ForexMart Global Regulations


🔎 Registered Entity🌎 Country of Registration📈 Registration Number📉 Regulatory Entity📊 Tier📍 License Number/Ref
📌 Finateq CorpBelize137723IFSC3000160/344


How ForexMart Protects Traders and Client Funds


🔎 Security Measure📌 Information
🔒 Segregated Accounts✅ Yes
🔏 Compensation Fund MemberNone
🔐 Compensation AmountNone
🔑 SSL Certificate✅ Yes
🔓 2FA (Where Applicable)✅ Yes
🔒 Privacy Policy in Place✅ Yes
🔏 Risk Warning Provided✅ Yes
🔐 Negative Balance Protection✅ Yes
🔑 Guaranteed Stop-Loss OrdersNone


What is the trust score for ForexMart?

ForexMart has a trust score of 78%.


Does ForexMart accept US traders?

No, ForexMart does not accept US traders or those from North Korea, Syria, Sudan, and a few other regions.


ForexMart Regulation and Safety of Funds


How to Open a Trading Account with ForexMart


The following steps can be taken to Open a ForexMart live trading account:


  • ✅ Go to the official ForexMart website.
  • ✅ On the site, click the ‘Open Trading Account’ option.
  • ✅ You will be led to the registration page, where you must enter your personal information.
  • ✅ You will be requested to provide your trading account details throughout the registration process.
  • ✅ Confirm your account after entering all the required information.
  • ✅ ForexMart will email you your account information shortly after you register.



To begin trading, you must deposit between $15 to $500, depending on your account type.  You can begin trading after your account has been validated and financed.



How long will ForexMart take to approve my live account?

ForexMart typically takes a few minutes up to a working day to approve a trading account.


Is the ForexMart demo account risk-free?

Yes, the demo account is risk-free and uses virtual funds in simulated live markets.



How to Open a Trading Account with ForexMart


ForexMart Account Types


ForexMart Cent Account


This account type is intended for new traders and those who wish to put their trading methods to the test. It has a $15 minimum deposit, typical spreads starting at 1 pip, and commission-free trading.

Furthermore, traders can expect leverage of up to 1:500 on forex major pairs on this account.


ForexMart Account Types


ForexMart Classic Account


The Classic Account is best suited for experienced traders. It takes a minimum deposit of $15, has typical spreads starting at 1.2 pips, and offers commission-free trading.

Furthermore, the margin call and stop-out levels are identical to the Cent Account’s.


ForexMart Account Types


ForexMart Pro Account


The Pro Account is intended for professional traders. It has a $200 minimum deposit requirement and typical spreads starting at 0.8 pips. It, too, provides commission-free trading. The leverage is set at 1:500. The margin call is 30%, with a 10% stop-out threshold.


ForexMart Account Types


ForexMart Zero Spread Account


The Zero Spread account features spreads from 0.2 pips EUR/USD and competitively low commission fees of $6. This account suits more experienced traders and those using scalping strategies.


ForexMart Account Types


ForexMart Demo Account


The ForexMart Demo Account is a risk-free trading platform suitable for novice and experienced traders. It enables users to practice trading techniques and get acquainted with the MT4 trading platform without putting real money at risk.

The demo account offers real-time market quotations and a virtual balance of up to $500,000. It also provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This account type is a wonderful approach to practicing and developing your trading abilities.


ForexMart Demo Account


ForexMart Islamic Account


The ForexMart Islamic Account, also known as a swap-free account, is created for traders who follow the Islamic religion and Sharia law, which bans earning or paying interest.

Swap-free trading is available across four trading account levels: Classic, Pro, Cent, and Zero. It offers a Muslim-certified trading environment with no rollover fees. The details of the account features may differ, so it is best to verify with ForexMart for the most up-to-date and accurate information.


ForexMart Islamic Account


ForexMart Trading Platforms


MetaTrader 4 and ForexMart’s own WebTrader are the two primary trading platforms that are made available to customers by ForexMart.


ForexMart MetaTrader 4 (MT4)


The MetaTrader 4 trading platform offered by ForexMart is a well-liked option among traders because of its intuitive user interface and comprehensive features.

It offers traders a broad variety of tools and features that assist traders in analyzing the mechanics of price changes, automating their trades, and successfully managing their holdings. The following is a list of some of the most important features included in ForexMart’s MT4 platform:


  • ✅ Traders can watch many charts simultaneously, enabling them to keep an eye on various markets and execute several different strategies all at once.
  • ✅ Traders can benefit significantly from MT4’s Direct Trading from the Chart feature since it enables them to place orders straight from the chart, which is especially useful in markets that move quickly.
  • ✅ MT4 can handle all the many order types used in trading, including market, pending, stop, and trailing stop orders.
  • ✅ Traders can automate their trading tactics by using a tool known as an Expert Advisor, or EA. The market conditions may be analyzed by EAs, which can initiate and manage trades and even set stop loss and take profit levels.



MT4 provides traders with a broad variety of technical indicators and analytical tools that may assist traders in analyzing market movements and making trading choices based on accurate information.


ForexMart MetaTrader 4 (MT4)


ForexMart ForexMart WebTrader


WebTrader, offered by ForexMart, is a web-based trading platform that eliminates traders needing to download or install any software to access their trading accounts and execute trades from any web browser and on any device. This platform was developed to create a trading environment that is not only safe and secure but also easy. The following are some of its most notable characteristics:


  • ✅ Because WebTrader is a web-based platform, it is accessible from any device with an internet connection. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for traders who are always going from one place to another.
  • ✅ Trading on ForexMart’s WebTrader platform is guaranteed to be risk-free because of the platform’s use of industry-standard encryption for all sensitive data.
  • ✅ WebTrader provides full trading capabilities despite being a web-based platform. Traders can execute any order, trade various assets, and employ precise technical indicators.



Because the platform offers a user-friendly interface that is simple to browse, it is suited for traders of all experience levels, including novices and seasoned professionals.



Can I trade on mobile with ForexMart?

Yes, you can use ForexMart’s MetaTrader 4 to trade on iOS and Android devices.


Does ForexMart have an app?

No, ForexMart does not have its own app. However, ForexMart offers mobile trading via MetaTrader 4 for iOS and Android.



ForexMart ForexMart WebTrader


Which Markets Can You Trade with ForexMart?


You can trade the following instruments with ForexMart:


  • ✅ Forex
  • ✅ Share CFDs
  • ✅ Spot Metals
  • ✅ Cryptocurrency CFDs
  • ✅ Energies
  • ✅ Indices



and many more!


Which Markets Can You Trade with ForexMart


Financial Instruments and Leverage offered by ForexMart


🔎 Instrument🅰️ Number of Assets Offered🅱️ Max Leverage Offered
📈 Forex611:500
📉 Share CFDs2001:5
📊 Spot Metals31:500
🪙 Cryptocurrency CFDs191:5
💡 Energies31:10
📌 Indices13n/a


Can I trade crypto coins with ForexMart or only CFDs?

You can only trade crypto CFDs with ForexMart, not the underlying asset.


Does ForexMart have Nasdaq?

Yes, ForexMart offers Nasdaq as a CFD on indices.


Financial Instruments and Leverage offered by ForexMart


ForexMart Awards and Recognition


According to the ForexMart website, the broker has won the following awards:


  • ✅ Best Trading Conditions in 2020 in Asia.
  • ✅ Best New Broker in 2016 in Europe, awarded by the International Finance Magazine.
  • ✅ The Best Forex Newcomer in 2016, presented by Global Business Outlook.



Finally, ForexMart was awarded as the Best Broker in Europe and Most Prospective Broker in Asia in 2015.


ForexMart Awards and Recognition


ForexMart Trading and Non-Trading Fees


ForexMart Spreads


ForexMart charges variable spreads that depend on the financial instrument being traded, the account type, and the market conditions. These are some of the spreads that traders can expect:


💴 EUR/USD1.1 pips
🍎 Apple, Inc.0.1 pips
💵 XAG/USD36 pips
💶 XAU/USD35 pips
💷 BTC/USD19167 pips
🛢️ Brent Crude Oil45 pips
📊 Nasdaq 100180 pips


ForexMart Commissions


ForexMart only charges commissions on the Zero Spread Account from $6 per lot traded.


ForexMart Overnight Fees, Rollovers, or Swaps


On positions kept open overnight, ForexMart levies what are known as overnight costs, sometimes referred to as swap or rollover fees.

These costs are determined by the difference in the interest rates of the two currencies engaged in the transaction. They may result in a credit or a debit to the trading account depending on the kind of account used and the direction in which the trade is executed.


The following swap fees can be expected from ForexMart:


🔎 Instrument↪️ Long (Buy) Swap➡️ Short (Sell) Swap
💴 EUR/USD-1.14 pips-.24 pips
📈 Share CFDs12%8%
🔩 Metals-5%-1%
🪙 Cryptocurrency CFDs-20 pips-20 pips
🛢️ Brent Crude Oil-6.42 pips-12.62 pips
📉 Indices-15 pips-2 pips


ForexMart Deposit and Withdrawal Fees


ForexMart does not charge any deposit fees. However, the following withdrawal fees apply:


  • ✅ Skrill – 1%
  • ✅ Neteller – 2% and a minimum of $1
  • ✅ Bitcoin – 0.0002 BTC + 2 USD
  • ✅ Bitcoin Cash – 0.001 BCH + 2 USD
  • ✅ Tether – 1%
  • ✅ Local Bank Wire – 3%



ForexMart Inactivity and Currency Conversion Fees


ForexMart might charge fees when a trader’s account becomes inactive after a year of no activity.  Currency conversion fees could apply when traders deposit or withdraw in currencies other than their account-based currency.



Does ForexMart have zero-pip spreads?

No, ForexMart’s spreads typically start from 0.1 pips.


How much does EUR/USD cost with ForexMart?

EUR/USD typically costs 0.1 pips, depending on the account type and the market conditions when you trade.



ForexMart Trading and Non-Trading Fees


Calculating Forex Trading Rebates with ForexMart (Examples)


Calculating Rebate for EUR/USD (Currency Pair) on the Classic Account


Suppose you traded 5 lots of EUR/USD on the Classic account.


  • ✅ Rebate per lot for the Classic account on EUR/USD = 7 USD per lot
  • ✅ Total rebate = Rebate per lot * Number of lots traded
  • ✅ Total rebate = 7 USD * 5 = 35 USD



Calculating Rebate for Gold (XAU/USD) on the Pro Account


Let us say you traded 3 lots of Gold on the Pro account.


  • ✅ Rebate per lot for the Pro account on Gold = 3.5 USD per lot
  • ✅ Total rebate = Rebate per lot * Number of lots traded
  • ✅ Total rebate = 3.5 USD * 3 = 10.5 USD



Calculating Rebate for Indices on the Zero Spread Account


Suppose you traded 10 contracts of an Index on the Zero Spread account.


  • ✅ Rebate per contract for the Zero Spread account on Indices = 3 USD per contract
  • ✅ Total rebate = Rebate per contract * Number of contracts traded
  • ✅ Total rebate = 3 USD * 10 = 30 USD



Calculating Forex Trading Rebates with ForexMart (Examples)


Claiming and Withdrawing Forex Rebates at ForexMart


ForexMart provides a variety of channels via which you may get your rewards. You can have the rebates you earn via ForexMart straight into your account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The following is a quick rundown of the available choices:


  • ✅ Direct Daily: The rebate amount will be transferred into your ForexMart account daily, immediately after the transactions are closed or after the trading day, whichever comes first.
  • ✅ Direct Weekly: The rebate amount for your current week’s transactions will be placed into your ForexMart account weekly, specifically on Sundays.
  • ✅ Direct Monthly: Your rebate amount will be immediately transferred into your ForexMart account on the 10th of each month for transactions completed during the previous month.



How to Deposit Funds with ForexMart


If you have not already, open a ForexMart trading account. You must enter some personal information and go through a verification procedure.


  • ✅ Log in to your ForexMart account after it has been created.
  • ✅ On the ForexMart website or in your account dashboard, look for the “Deposits & Withdrawals” area.
  • ✅ ForexMart accepts various deposit options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets. Choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • ✅ Enter the deposit amount. ForexMart does not impose deposit fees; nevertheless, payment systems may charge a commission for their services.



Review your deposit information and confirm the transaction. The processing period varies according to the deposit type; however, many provide quick deposits or processing within 24 hours.


ForexMart Fund and Rebate Withdrawal Process


  • ✅ Access your ForexMart account and Navigate to the “Deposits & Withdrawals” area of the ForexMart website or the account dashboard.
  • ✅ Select the withdrawal method you want to employ. Bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets may be available.
  • ✅ Enter the amount you want to withdraw. It should be noted that withdrawal costs vary based on the payment type used.
  • ✅ Submit your withdrawal request. Although processing times vary, several methods complete withdrawals within 24 to 48 hours.



Your withdrawal will be processed by ForexMart. Once the withdrawal has been finalized, you will be notified.



Does ForexMart have instant withdrawals?

No, ForexMart’s withdrawals take 1 hour up to several days, depending on your method.


How much do withdrawals cost with ForexMart?

Withdrawals cost from 1% of the transaction up to 3%, depending on your withdrawal method.



Claiming and Withdrawing Forex Rebates at ForexMart


ForexMart Bonuses and Current Promotions


ForexMart 30% Bonus


ForexMart offers an exclusive bonus applicable to both ForexMart Standard and ForexMart Zero Spread account types. This promotion is not available for accounts with a floating spread. The bonus amount is credited based on the funds available in the account at the time of application.

Clients can receive a 30% bonus each time they fund their account, which will be credited one week after each deposit. To calculate the total volume of the bonus, simply find the difference between the total deposits and withdrawals.

Please note that the bonus can only be withdrawn after completing all transactions, including buying and selling trades.

The total withdrawal volume must be equivalent to X * 0.3 market lots, where X represents the total volume of all received bonuses, including any canceled or partially lost bonuses. Withdrawal of the bonus is only possible in its entirety; partial withdrawals are not allowed.


Does ForexMart have a no-deposit bonus?

No, ForexMart does not have a no-deposit bonus.


Can I withdraw my ForexMart bonus?

You can typically not withdraw bonus credit. However, ForexMart allows you to withdraw profits you have made on your bonuses, given that you meet the terms and conditions of the bonus.



ForexMart 30% Bonus


Legal and Tax Implications of Forex Trading Rebates with ForexMart


Forex trading rebates, such as those offered by ForexMart, are a discount on trading-related transaction costs. They are legal and extensively utilized in the foreign exchange market. Nonetheless, traders should be aware of the following legal and tax implications:

Forex trading rebates may be taxable income in a few jurisdictions and taxed accordingly. Traders must consult a tax expert to determine how these rebates are treated in their tax jurisdiction.  For tax reporting purposes, traders should maintain detailed records of their trading activity and rebates received.


Risks and Limitations of Forex Trading Rebates at ForexMart


While forex trading rebates can produce extra revenue and cut transaction costs, they also have hazards and limitations:


  • ✅ The cashback program at ForexMart is dependent on trading volume. This implies that traders must trade several lots to be eligible for the rebates. Traders should avoid overtrading to boost their rebates since this increases their exposure to market risk.
  • ✅ While rebates can help cover transaction costs, they do not remove the market risks of forex trading. Traders might still lose money if the market moves against them.
  • ✅ ForexMart retains the right, without warning, to cancel the bonus and rectify earnings. This might occur if a bonus agreement breach is discovered or the promotion is abused. Traders should know this risk and follow all the rebate program’s terms and conditions.



ForexMart rebates may only be withdrawn under specified conditions. For example, all transactions (buying and selling trades) must be completed, and the overall volume must exceed a particular amount. Before participating in the rebate program, traders should thoroughly read the terms and conditions.


Strategies to Maximize Rebates with ForexMart


Profit Maximization with Forex Trading Rebates at ForexMart can be done by following some of the following strategies:


  • ✅ Leverage Rebates for Additional Transactions: Use rebates to fund additional transactions. This can increase your trading volume without requiring additional capital, resulting in the potential for increased profits.
  • ✅ Diversify Your Portfolio: Diversify your trading portfolio using your rebates. Investing in multiple trading instruments can mitigate risk and increase the profit potential.
  • ✅ Consider High-Volume Trading: If it fits your trading strategy, you may want to consider high-volume trading. The ForexMart rebate program rewards high-volume trading with additional rebates that can be used to boost profits.
  • ✅ Use Rebates to Test New Trading Strategies: Use rebates to test new trading strategies without putting your primary capital at risk. These strategies can increase profits if they are fruitful.



Withdraw your profits and rebates regularly. This can help you realize your profits and safeguard them against potential losses.


Legal and Tax Implications of Forex Trading Rebates with ForexMart


ForexMart Customer Support


🔎 Customer Support❤️ ForexMart Customer Support
⏰ Operating Hours24/5
🔊 Support LanguagesMultilingual
😊 Live ChatYes
💌 Email Address[email protected]
☎️ Telephonic Support+ 442 030 976 697
🚨 The overall quality of ForexMart Support3/5


ForexMart Customer Support


Customer Support – Live Chat Questions and Answers


We tested ForexMart’s live chat by asking them some of the most common FAQs prospective traders might have, and we have recorded their answers below. Answers are verbatim but edited for spelling and grammar.


How quickly will I receive my sign-up bonus?

“We do not have a sign-up bonus.”


How can I manage my trading risk when I sign up?

“We cannot advise on this, but you can use education to ensure you understand trading risks.”


Do you recommend leverage?

“No. We cannot recommend leverage. However, we offer maximum leverage up to 1:500 on Forex.”


Which Forex Trading Strategy should I try as a beginner?

“We cannot comment on this. You must research and test strategies to find one that suits your budget and trading style. You can use our demo account to test your strategies.”


Do you provide compensation to eligible clients?

“We do not offer compensation.”


What is your requote policy?

“At ForexMart, we employ a transparent and fair requoting practice. Requoting is the process of presenting a secondary quote to the client after they have submitted an “instant order.” Before executing the order, the client must agree to this new quote.

We resort to requoting in cases where the requested price specified by the client for the instant order is not available in the market. The secondary quote we provide is based on the next available price received by ForexMart from its third-party liquidity providers.

It is important to note that we do not requote “pending orders,” ensuring that the execution of such orders occurs without any changes to the initially requested price. This policy is designed to offer our clients a transparent and reliable trading experience.”


What execution speeds can I expect, and what is your execution policy?

“At ForexMart, we understand that during the execution of an order, the requested price by the client may not always be available in the market. As a result, the order will be executed at a price close to the client’s requested price, which may be a few pips away.

We want to emphasize that our automated execution software does not operate based on individual parameters related to specific client accounts, ensuring fair and impartial order execution for all our clients.”


How do you handle customer complaints?

“All customer complaints are given to the relevant department and will be resolved within 24 hours. A support agent will contact you once your complaint is received, and you will be kept updated with all necessary processes.”


Is ForexMart’s customer support 24/7?

No, ForexMart’s customer support operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


How can I contact ForexMart’s customer support?

You can contact ForexMart’s customer support via email, phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Live Chat, and Viber.


Customer Support - Live Chat Questions and Answers


ForexMart Pros and Cons


✅ Pros❎ Cons
ForexMart provides good liquidity, which is crucial for the smooth execution of tradesForexMart only has regulation with one tier-3 entity
ForexMart offers four types of accounts, including a demo account, and low spreads starting at 0.2 pointsWhile ForexMart offers customer support, it is not available 24/7.
Over 100 trading instruments are available, including fiat currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and futuresForexMart does not offer a wide range of investment opportunities compared to some other brokers
ForexMart offers protection from a negative balance, safeguarding traders from losing more than their account balanceForexMart does not offer the MetaTrader 5 platform, which some traders may prefer for its advanced features
ForexMart allows for automatic trading using expert advisors and auto-copying servicesForexMart offers fewer analytical tools compared to some of its competitors


ForexMart User Reviews



🥇 Pleasantly Suprised!

I recently signed up for ForexMart’s rebate program, which has been a pleasant surprise. The rebates add up quickly, and getting some of my trading costs back is a nice bonus. It is a great incentive to trade more, and I appreciate that ForexMart offers this to their clients. – Aleeza Lucas



🥈 Impressed.

I’ve been trading with ForexMart for a couple of months now, and I must say, I’m impressed. Their trading conditions are favorable, with low spreads and a wide range of trading instruments. The educational materials they provide have also been a great help in improving my trading skills. Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced traders. – Elif Rich



🥉 Enjoyable Experience.

I’ve been using ForexMart’s Pro Account, and I’m really enjoying the experience. The spreads are competitive, and the platform is user-friendly. I also appreciate the automatic trading feature; it has been a game-changer for me. Overall, a solid choice for serious traders. – Pauline Garrett



Recommendation for Improving ForexMart Cashback Rebates


While ForexMart’s product is solid, there is always space for improvement, and we recommend the following:


  • ✅ Clear information on the rebate program’s terms and conditions, including qualifying requirements and withdrawal conditions.
  • ✅ Replete with FAQs and examples, a dedicated rebate program area on the website could improve comprehension and participation.
  • ✅ ForexMart can also consider obtaining Tier-1 and 2 regulations to improve its reputation.
  • ✅ Expanding the spectrum of trading instruments might attract a larger group of traders regarding total offering.



Improving the trading platform’s user interface for a more intuitive and smooth trading experience might boost ForexMart’s status in the competitive forex trading scene.



Our Verdict on ForexMart


Our research shows that ForexMart offers a compelling proposition for novice and experienced traders. Its diverse account types cater to different trading styles and preferences, and the inclusion of a demo account is a thoughtful touch for beginners.

The trading conditions are competitive, with low spreads and a wide range of trading instruments. However, it is worth noting that ForexMart does not provide educational resources, which could be a drawback for traders looking to expand their knowledge.

In our experience, ForexMart’s rebate program is a standout feature, offering a tangible way to reduce trading costs and enhance profitability. The program is straightforward, and the rebates are credited regularly, making it an attractive proposition for active traders.



Frequently Asked Questions


What are forex trading rebates?

Forex trading rebates are percentages of transaction costs repaid to the trader. Traders get a portion of the spread or commission when they complete a deal on ForexMart.


What is the purpose of forex trading rebates at ForexMart?

Forex trading rebates at ForexMart are intended to lower traders’ trading costs by returning a percentage of the spread or fee they pay on each transaction.


Do Forex trading rebates affect the profitability of my trades at ForexMart?

Yes, forex trading rebates can boost the profitability of your ForexMart deals by lowering your trading expenses.


How much can I earn through Forex trading rebates with ForexMart?

You can earn up to $10 on commodities. However, there are different rebate ratios for ForexMart’s accounts and instruments, and each varies.


Are there any limitations or restrictions on using forex trading rebates?

Yes, ForexMart’s rebates are subject to certain criteria, such as minimum trading volume and withdrawal limits.


Can I withdraw my Forex trading rebates from ForexMart?

Yes, you can withdraw your ForexMart trading rebates, but doing so is subject to certain criteria, such as completing a particular number of transactions.


Are there any requirements to be eligible for Forex trading rebates with ForexMart?

Yes, traders must have a live trading account and achieve specific trading volume criteria to be eligible for ForexMart trading rebates.


Can I combine Forex trading rebates with other promotions or bonuses ForexMart offers?

The terms and conditions of ForexMart should state if rebates were coupled with other promotions or incentives.


How can I sign up for Forex trading rebates with ForexMart?

To join up for ForexMart trading rebates, you must first have a real trading account with them. You may be required to enrol in the rebate program through their website or customer service.


Do forex trading rebates expire at ForexMart?

No, rebates earned do not expire as they are paid to your account.


Can I lose my Forex trading rebates at ForexMart?

Yes, you can lose your trading rebates. If a breach of the bonus agreement or misuse of the offer is discovered, ForexMart retains the right to revoke the bonus and rectify profits without warning.


How can I track and monitor my Forex trading rebates with ForexMart?

ForexMart allows traders to track and monitor their rebates through the trading platform and account dashboard.


How do Forex trading rebates work with ForexMart?

ForexMart’s rebate program returns a part of the trader’s trading fee for each transaction executed.


Do Forex trading rebates apply to all types of trades at ForexMart?

Forex trading rebates at ForexMart typically apply to all sorts of deals, although the specific rebate amount varies based on the type of trade and account type.


Can I use Forex trading rebates to cover losses at ForexMart?

Forex trading rebates at ForexMart can assist in reducing trading expenses, but they do not immediately cover losses from bad deals.


Are forex trading rebates taxable?

Yes, depending on your country, forex trading rebates may be deemed income and liable to taxes.


How are Forex trading rebates credited to my account with ForexMart?

ForexMart rebates are usually credited to your trading account. The frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly) and manner of crediting might vary depending on the rebate program’s rules.


Are forex trading rebates at ForexMart available to traders in all countries?

ForexMart’s rebate program is typically open to traders worldwide, although limits can apply owing to legal constraints in specific areas.