XTB Cashback Rebates


Overall, XTB offers a Forex cashback on the Standard and Swap-Free Account of up to 40% of the commission on Forex, according to XTB.


🔎 Live Account💴 Minimum Dep.📈 Average Spread📉 Commissions📊 Average Trading Cost
🅰️ Standard$00.5 pipsN/A5 USD
🅱️ Swap-Free$00.7 pips10 USD17 USD


XTB Cashback Rebates


How to Open a Forex Cashback Account with XTB (via SAShares)


You can follow these steps to register for a Forex Cashback Account with XTB via SAShares.


Step 1:  Visit the XTB website and click “Open New Account.”

Step 2:  Submit your Trading ID to us: [SAShares]


For Example:


To: [SAShares]

Subject: New XTB Rebate Application


“Dear SAShares Team,

Please view my XTB Client ID: 12345 (Your Account, Client, or Trading ID] and inform me whether my rebate application has been accepted.”



Step 3:  Wait for approval, which will be sent within [number of hours]. Once approval is given, you will automatically receive your cashback rebates from the XTB system.



How to transfer your existing Forex Cashback Account with XTB (via SAShares)


If you have an existing trading account with XTB, you can easily transfer your existing Cashback Account to SAShares using these few steps:



Step 1: Send an email to XTB: [email protected] and Request that the broker transfer the trading account under the following SAShares Affiliate ID: [SAShares]


For Example:


To: [SAShares]

Subject: Account Transfer Request

“Dear XTB Partner/Affiliate Team,

I would hereby like to request that my account be transferred to IB/Partner/Affiliate code [SAShares Code]. Furthermore, I would hereby like to request to be assigned under the mentioned IB regardless of whether my account falls under an umbrella or parent IB.”


Step 2: Once you receive confirmation of the transfer from XTB, you can create an additional trading account.

Step 3:  Lastly, you can send your Trading or Client ID to [SAShares].


For Example:


To: [SAShares]

Subject: New XTB Rebate Application

“Dear SAShares Team,

Please view my XTB Client ID: 12345 (Your Account, Client, or Trading ID] and inform me whether my rebate application has been accepted.


How to Open a Forex Cashback Account with XTB (via SAShares)


Understanding Forex Trading Rebates with XTB


XTB employs Forex Trading Rebates, also known as cashback, as a promotional strategy to encourage high-volume trading.  This program reimburses a portion of the participant’s trading costs for transactions involving select instruments offered by XTB. Here is a comprehensive explanation of how the program operates.


XTB Definition and Qualifications


“Cashback” refers to recovering a portion of the trading costs previously levied to the participant for transactions involving certain XTB instruments. The promotion, which began on 1 June 2018, is directed at traders expressing participation interest during the promotion period.

Furthermore, this promotion can be submitted through the dedicated website, by email, or by speaking with an Account Manager over the phone following successful identity verification.


XTB Participation and Requirements


To participate in this promotion, traders must approve the promotion’s rules and the offered compensation via email after they express interest on XTB’s website.

Furthermore, the minimum requirements calculation will consider the entire revenue generated across all the customers’ accounts. Moreover, both Standard and Pro account classifications will be considered for this promotion.  However, the revenue generated by Standard accounts will not be factored into calculating the minimum requirements.


XTB Calculation and Award of Cashback


XTB will determine individual cashback amounts for each consumer. Furthermore, XTB has the sole and absolute discretion to select consumers for participation in this promotion.

The cashback reflects the proportion of trading costs remitted to the consumer if they satisfy the minimum requirements for the XTB-selected instruments.

In addition, the returned cost for Standard Accounts is based on the customer-paid spread, while the returned cost for Pro Accounts is contingent on the customer’s commission payment.


XTB Cashback Payment and Calculation Period


XTB’s cashback is calculated after each month for positions closed during that month.

Cashback will be deposited to the customer’s trading account within seven days following the end of the preceding month. Cashback will only be deposited if the minimum conditions are met.


XTB Discretion


At the sole discretion of XTB, the cashback values may be altered at any time, clients can be removed from the cashback program, and the promotion can be modified or terminated at any given time.

Overall, the payment of compensation to a participant does not typically influence a client’s trading account decisions.


XTB Calculation of Turnover


Turnover is calculated for all closed market transactions, excluding Equity and ETF CFDs.


Understanding Forex Trading Rebates with XTB


Tips for Choosing XTB for Forex Trading Rebates


When evaluating XTB’s Forex Trading Rebate program, it is important to consider the following:


  • ✅ XTB offers both the MT4 platform and the innovative xStation platform, designed to meet their investors’ specific requirements. The xStation platform is notably well-liked by its customers and has won multiple accolades.
  • ✅ XTB offers comprehensive education and training resources that correspond to the investor’s level of expertise. This is especially useful for those new to Forex trading or seeking to expand their knowledge.
  • ✅ It is essential to consider the broker’s selection of markets and instruments. Forex, commodities, indices, and ETFs are among the many options XTB provides. This extensive supply enables trading on both the domestic and international markets.
  • ✅ XTB is a multinational corporation with offices around the globe committed to providing clients with the finest service possible in their native tongue. Ensure the website, registration form, instrument specifications, and broker trading platform are available in your language.
  • ✅ FCA, ACPR, BaFin, DFSA, KNF, CNMV, FSCA, CySEC, and IFSC have authorized and currently regulate XTB. XTB has received several prestigious accolades, which can be an essential indicator of the broker’s service quality.



The account fees levied by a Forex and CFD broker are another crucial consideration when selecting a broker. These expenses will consist of account maintenance fees, transaction fees, and other expenses associated with using the broker’s services.  Traders must comprehend the specifics of the rebate program. This includes knowing how the cashback is calculated when it is paid, and the eligibility requirements.



Does XTB offer spread or commission rebates?

XTB offers rebates on the commissions traders pay on trades.


What is the maximum rebate I can earn from XTB?

You can earn up to 40% on your commissions if you meet the criteria.



Tips for Choosing XTB for Forex Trading Rebates


Number of Traders participating in XTB Cashback Rebates Plus Real-Life Examples


XTB serves more than 495,000 customers from around the world. While we do not know the number of customers who currently participate in the cashback, we can provide some examples of how XTB’s cashback rebates could benefit traders.


🥇 Jonathan Mccullough


Jonathan is a partner who introduces new clients to XTB. One of his clients, Ashley, trades heavily and pays a spread of $10,000 in a month.

According to the commission-based remuneration system, Jonathan could receive between 20% and 40% of the spread paid by Ashley. Therefore, Jonathan could earn between $2,000 and $4,000 from Ashley’s trading activity that month.


🥈 Ruairi Nolan


Ruairi is a professional trader who regularly trades with XTB. In a particular month, Ruairi pays $5,000 in spreads and commissions.

Based on the discount system, Ruairi could receive a cashback between 1% and 40% of the total spread or commission paid. Therefore, Ruairi could get a cashback between $50 and $2,000 for his trading activity in that month.


🥉 Christina Combs


Christina is a client who has a high deposit amount and a high turnover rate with XTB. To reward her and help improve her trading, XTB grants her premium access to their analytics website, valued at USD 7.50.

This premium access provides Christina with advanced analytical tools and insights that can help her make more informed trading decisions.


Number of Traders participating in XTB Cashback Rebates Plus Real-Life Examples


Successful Traders Benefiting from XTB’s Rebates


The Forex Trading Rebates program by XTB is a potent instrument that empowers retail traders for success.  The program is primarily intended for active traders and allows them to receive partial spread compensation, subject to certain conditions. Here is how profitable traders can take advantage of XTB’s rebates:


  • ✅ The XTB cashback (rebates) program is designed primarily for active traders. This means the more you barter, the more potential rebates you can earn. This can reduce your trading expenses, increasing your net profits.
  • ✅ The program enables clients to receive a portion of the spread as partial compensation. Spread is the difference between a currency pair’s purchase and sell price and is one of the primary trading costs. By receiving a spread rebate, traders can effectively reduce their trading expenses.
  • ✅ XTB offers diverse services, including many payment methods and a substantial number of assets. This enables traders to diversify their trading strategies, increasing their potential for success.
  • ✅ XTB’s transparency and integrity are well-known. XTB pays out all profits if traders have selected the proper direction for their transactions and all trades are equitable. This can give traders peace of mind and permit them to concentrate on their trading strategies.



XTB offers superior support and educational materials. This can be especially advantageous for retail traders, who may lack the knowledge and experience of professional traders.


Successful Traders Benefiting from XTB’s Rebates


How to Maximize Your Savings and Profits with Forex Trading Rebates at XTB


Maximizing your savings or profits with Forex Trading Rebates at XTB requires a strategic trading approach and a comprehensive knowledge of the rebate program. Here are some suggestions for maximizing this opportunity:


  • ✅ The first stage is to comprehend the rebate program thoroughly. This includes knowing how the cashback is calculated when it is paid, and the eligibility requirements. The greater your knowledge of the program, the more effectively you can strategize to maximize your rebates.
  • ✅ Both the MT4 platform and the innovative xStation platform are available from XTB. Choosing the platform that best complements your trading manner and strategies is essential, as each has unique features and benefits.
  • ✅ Primary beneficiaries of the XTB reward program are active traders. The more you barter, the more potential rebates you can earn. Maintaining an active trading strategy can help you maximize your rebates.
  • ✅ XTB provides a vast selection of markets and instruments. You may be able to increase your trading volume and, as a result, your rebates by diversifying your trading across these various markets and instruments.
  • ✅ Your rebates are based on your trading expenses. Therefore, it is essential to monitor these expenditures. This includes the spread of your transactions and any applicable commissions. By controlling these expenses, you can increase your net income.
  • ✅ XTB offers current news and extensive educational resources. Keeping up with market trends and enhancing your trading knowledge can assist you in making more profitable transactions and increasing your rebates.



Does XTB have a rebate calculator?

No, XTB does not have a rebates calculator on the website.


Where can I find the XTB rebates calendar?

XTB does not have a rebate calendar.



How to Maximize Your Savings and Profits with Forex Trading Rebates at XTB


XTB – Advantages over Competitors


XTB has no set minimum deposit requirement. This accessibility enables traders of differing experience levels to start trading with a minimal initial investment. Other advantages include:


  • ✅ The variety of deposit and withdrawal options provided by XTB facilitates consumer convenience. Traders can access options such as bank remittances, credit/debit cards, and electronic wallets, enabling seamless and secure transactions.
  • ✅ Among the many trading instruments offered by XTB are Forex, equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. This extensive selection permits investors to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on various market opportunities.
  • ✅ XTB’s mobile trading platform is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. This allows traders to access their accounts and execute transactions while on the move, giving them greater convenience and flexibility in managing their investments.
  • ✅ XTB provides two comprehensive and user-friendly trading platforms for traders to choose from. This includes their proprietary platform, xStation, which offers sophisticated trading capabilities, and the xStation mobile application.



Finally, XTB provides an Islamic account option compliant with Shariah. This permits traders to conduct transactions without interest, compatible with Islamic financial principles.


When was XTB founded?

XTB was established in 2002.


Is XTB regulated?

Yes, XTB is regulated by the FCA, ACPR, BaFin, DFSA, KNF, CNMV, FSCA, CySEC, and the IFSC.



XTB - Advantages over Competitors


XTB Regulation and Safety of Funds


XTB Global Regulations


🔎 Registered Entity🌎 Country of Registration📌 Company Reg.📍 Regulatory Entity📈 Tier📉 License Number/Ref
1️⃣ XTB LimitedUnited Kingdom07227848FCA1522157
2️⃣ XTB LimitedFrance296794ACPR252818
3️⃣ XTB LimitedGermanyN/ABaFin210130601
4️⃣ XTB MENA LimitedDubaiN/ADFSA2F006316
5️⃣ XTB Africa (Pty) LtdSouth Africa2018/363888/07FSCA2FSP 49970
6️⃣ XTB LtdDubai296794CySEC2169/12
7️⃣ XTB SA.PolandN/AKNP2-
8️⃣ XTB International LimitedBelizeN/AIFSC3000302/438


How XTB Protects Traders and Client Funds


🔎 Security Measure📌 Information
🔒 Segregated Accounts✅ Yes
🗝️ Compensation Fund Member✅ Yes
🔏 Compensation Amount85,000 EUR
🔐 SSL Certificate✅ Yes
🔑 2FA (Where Applicable)✅ Yes
🔓 Privacy Policy in Place✅ Yes
🔒 Risk Warning Provided✅ Yes
🗝️ Negative Balance Protection✅ Yes
🔏 Guaranteed Stop-Loss OrdersNone



Does XTB accept UK traders?

Yes, XTB accepts UK traders through XTB Limited registered in the United Kingdom.


Does XTB have 2FA?

Yes, XTB has two-factor authentication.



XTB Regulation and Safety of Funds


How to Open a Trading Account with XTB


To register an account with XTB, traders can easily follow these straightforward steps:


  • ✅ Use a web browser on your computer or mobile device to access XTB’s official website.
  • ✅ Look for the “Open Account” or “Register” button on the website’s homepage and click on it to initiate the account opening process.
  • ✅ Select the type of account you wish to open from the options provided, such as Standard or Pro, based on your trading preferences and requirements.
  • ✅ Fill in the registration form with accurate details, including your full name, email address, telephone number, and residential address.
  • ✅ XTB may request valid identification documents (e.g., passport or national ID) and proof of address (e.g., utility bill or bank statement) as part of the verification process.
  • ✅ Carefully review and accept XTB’s terms and conditions and any other relevant legal agreements, ensuring a thorough understanding of the terms before proceeding.
  • ✅ After successfully opening and verifying your account, proceed to fund it. XTB offers deposit options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and electronic wallets. Choose the most convenient method and follow the instructions to make a deposit.



Once your account is funded, use the credentials you provided during registration to log in to XTB’s trading platform. Familiarize yourself with the platform, explore the available trading tools, and begin trading in your preferred markets.



Does XTB have a Cent Account?

No, XTB does not have a cent account.


How long does it take to activate my XTB account?

XTB approves trading accounts within a few minutes.



How to Open a Trading Account with XTB


XTB Account Types


XTB Standard Account


XTB’s Standard Account is crafted to cater to a wide spectrum of traders, encompassing beginners and experienced professionals. With this account, users can access various financial instruments and markets, all accompanied by competitive spreads.

For those seeking a comprehensive trading experience that includes powerful tools and abundant resources, opting for the Standard Account is highly recommended.


💴 Minimum Deposit RequirementNone, flexible
💵 Account Base CurrencyUSD
📈 Maximum Leverage1:500
📉 Minimum Spread0.5 pips
📊 Commission FeesNone on Stocks, ETFs, and Crypto
💻 Trading PlatformxStation 5


XTB Swap-Free Account


The XTB Swap-Free Account is tailored to cater to the needs of traders who adhere to the Islamic faith. Complying with Sharia law, this specialized account provides a unique and ethical trading solution for Muslim traders.  By eliminating swap or rollover charges on overnight positions, XTB ensures that traders can actively engage in the financial markets while remaining true to their religious beliefs.

This feature allows Muslim traders to hold positions for an extended period without incurring any interest, making it a suitable option for those seeking ethical and interest-free trading opportunities.


💴 Minimum Deposit RequirementNone, flexible
💵 Account Base CurrencyUSD
📈 Maximum Leverage1:500
📉 Minimum Spread0.5 pips
📊 Commission Fees10 USD
💻 Trading PlatformxStation 5


XTB Account Types


XTB Demo Account


The XTB Demo Account is an invaluable educational tool catering to new and experienced traders. It offers a risk-free setting where users can familiarize themselves with the platform and its features without using real funds.

Traders can leverage the demo account to simulate actual trading scenarios using virtual funds, allowing them to refine their trading strategies and become comfortable with the trading interface.

The demo account provides full access to the comprehensive suite of trading tools available on the XTB platform.


XTB Demo Account


XTB Islamic Account


XTB considers Islamic finance principles and offers a dedicated Islamic account, the Swap-Free Account. By adhering to Islamic requirements, this account ensures that traders do not incur or receive any interest (Riba) on their overnight positions.

With the availability of the Islamic account, Traders can confidently engage in trading activities, knowing that their trades are ethically sound and comply with their religious values.  XTB’s commitment to providing an Islamic account option fosters an inclusive and respectful approach to meeting the diverse needs of traders.


XTB Islamic Account


XTB Trading Platforms


XTB xStation 5 Platform


The xStation 5 platform, exclusively available from XTB, is designed to cater to new and advanced traders, delivering a seamless and user-friendly trading experience.  Its intuitive interface and advanced charting tools ensure optimal performance, offering a wide range of notable features, such as:


  • ✅ An advanced screener for filtering stocks based on specific criteria, aiding in efficient market research.
  • ✅ The top movers feature highlights significant market moves and volatility for informed decision-making.
  • ✅ Access to popular technical indicators like Fibonacci, MACD, and RSI, facilitating comprehensive technical analysis.
  • ✅ Custom trading system templates allow traders to save and apply preferred strategies easily.
  • ✅ A fully customizable interface, enabling traders to personalize their workspace according to their preferences.
  • ✅ Bulk order closing for efficient trade management, streamlining trading operations.
  • ✅ Lightning-fast execution speeds for timely and efficient trade execution.
  • ✅ A free trader talk feature providing live audio feeds of market news and analysis, enhancing market awareness.
  • ✅ A sentiment analysis tool, empowers traders with contrarian trading strategies based on market sentiment.



Advanced chart trading with market order depth, enabling precise analysis and execution of trades.  Live performance statistics to assess and analyze trading results, facilitating data-driven improvements.


XTB xStation 5 Platform


XTB xStation Mobile App


XTB provides the xStation mobile app for traders on the go, granting access to over 1,500 CFD markets.  Key features of the xStation mobile app include:


  • ✅ Access to trading accounts on iOS and Android devices, offering flexibility and mobility in trading activities.
  • ✅ Quick access to prices and trades ensures timely decision-making even while moving.
  • ✅ Ideal for traders who prioritize convenience and require the ability to trade anytime, anywhere.
  • ✅ Convenient trade management and monitoring of positions, providing real-time control over trades.



Intuitive charting capabilities for on-the-go analysis, enabling traders to stay informed about market trends.



Is XTB ideal for beginners?

Yes, XTB offers comprehensive education and offers its beginner-friendly xStation5 platform.


Does XTB have an iOS app?

Yes, the xStation app is available for iPhones and iPads from the App Store.



XTB xStation Mobile App


Which Markets Can You Trade with XTB?


  • ✅ Forex
  • ✅ Indices
  • ✅ Commodities
  • ✅ Stock CFDs
  • ✅ ETF CFDs
  • ✅ Cryptocurrencies



Financial Instruments and Leverage offered by XTB


🔎 Instrument🅰️ Number of Assets Offered🅱️ Max Leverage Offered
📈 Forex571:500
📉 Indices301:200
🍎 Commodities281:500
📊 Stock CFDs3,900+1:10
📌 ETF CFDs1591:5
🪙 Cryptocurrencies461:2


Does XTB have Nasdaq?

Yes, XTB has Nasdaq, with spreads from 1 pip.


What are the spreads for EUR/USD with XTB?

You can expect spreads from 0.5 pips on the Standard Account.


Financial Instruments and Leverage offered by XTB


XTB Trading and Non-Trading Fees


XTB Spreads


XTB offers trading accounts with variable spreads, which means the spreads will fluctuate based on the instrument traded, the type of trading account used, and the prevailing market conditions. Some of the typical spreads to expect are as follows:


🔎 Instrument📌 Typical Spread
💴 EUR/USDFrom 0.5 pips on Standard
💰 Gold0.3 pips
💍 Silver0.3 pips
🛢️ Brent0.03 pips
📈 NASDAQ1 pip
🪙 Bitcoin0.5% - 1%


XTB Commissions


When using the Standard Account to trade Forex, indices, commodities, Stock CFDs, ETF CFDs, or cryptocurrencies, traders will not incur any commission fees from XTB, except for commissions that apply to specific indices and ITA 40.

On the Islamic Account, commissions of 10 USD per lot apply to all instruments except Stock CFDs and ETF CFDs. For transactions involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash in the Swap-Free Account, a 4 USD fee is applied.


XTB Overnight Fees, Rollovers, or Swaps


XTB’s financing rates are considered average. These financing costs can become significant for traders using margins and holding positions for extended periods. For instance, the financing rate for Apple CFD ranges from 2% to 4.5%.


XTB Deposit, Withdrawal, Inactivity, and, Currency Conversion Fees


XTB does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. The amount sent to the trading account from the bank will be the same amount credited to the brokerage account and vice versa.  Furthermore, XTB might charge $30 on withdrawals below $50.

XTB imposes an inactivity fee of €10 per month after 1 year of trading inactivity, provided no deposits were made within the last 90 days.  Currency conversion fees are applicable when traders deposit or withdraw funds in currencies other than their account’s base currency.



Does XTB charge extra fees on the Islamic Account?

Yes, XTB charges a 10 USD fee on all instruments. This fee offsets the absence of swap fees.


Does XTB offer commission-free trading?

Yes, XTB offers commission-free trading on the Standard and Islamic Accounts. Instead of commissions, XTB charges markup on the spreads to cover its fees.


XTB Trading and Non-Trading Fees


Calculating Forex Trading Rebates with XTB


At XTB, forex trading rebates are calculated based on a client’s trading volume. XTB offers cashback to high-volume traders, but the eligibility requirements differ based on the client’s location and the XTB Group branch they trade with.  Calculating forex trading rebates can be explained as follows:


  • ✅ A professional client makes a trade where the spread cost is $1000. If the client is part of a promotion that offers a 20% cashback rebate, the client will receive a rebate of $200. This is calculated as follows:
  • ✅ Spread cost * rebate percentage = rebate amount
  • ✅ $1000 * 20% = $200



Therefore, in this example, the client would receive a rebate of $200 on the spread cost of $1000. This effectively reduces the cost of the trade for the client.


XTB Trading and Non-Trading Fees


Claiming and Withdrawing Forex Rebates at XTB


To withdraw funds, including forex trading rebates, from your account, select the trading account you wish to withdraw from in your Client Office and input the quantity you wish to withdraw.

XTB only conducts withdrawals to bank accounts for clients who are account holders. The standard processing time for a withdrawal request is one business day, but the time it takes for the funds to reach your account depends on your bank’s type and location.

Traders should note that XTB’s bank covers all costs associated with the transfer. Despite this, your bank may charge you additional fees for the transfer. In addition, withdrawals of less than $50 will incur an additional $30 fee.


How to Deposit Funds with XTB


Access the XTB trading account by visiting the official website and providing valid login credentials.  Upon successful login, navigate to the designated section titled “Deposit” or “Funding.”


  • ✅ XTB offers multiple deposit options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Choose the method that best aligns with your preferences.
  • ✅ Indicate the desired amount to be deposited into your trading account while being mindful of any associated fees or minimum deposit requirements, if applicable.
  • ✅ Depending on the selected method, you may be required to furnish sensitive financial details, such as bank account or credit card information. It is crucial to verify the accuracy and coherence of this data with the account information.
  • ✅ Review and confirm the deposit details before authorizing the payment, noting any provided confirmation or reference numbers.



Following the submission of the deposit request, XTB will process the transaction. The timeframe for funds availability varies, with electronic wallets or card payments typically resulting in instant processing, while bank transfers may necessitate a few business days for completion.

After the deposit has been executed, verifying the trading account balance is advisable to ensure the successful crediting of the funds.


How to Deposit Funds with XTB


XTB Fund and Rebate Withdrawal Process


Access the official XTB website using the correct credentials and log in to your account.  Once inside the account, navigate to the “Withdrawal” or “Funds Withdrawal” menu options.


  • ✅ Choose the most appropriate withdrawal method, considering its compatibility with your country. Among the options offered by XTB are bank transfers and digital purses.
  • ✅ Specify the precise withdrawal quantity from your trading account.
  • ✅ Depending on the withdrawal mode selected, you may be required to provide pertinent payment information, such as a bank account number or digital wallet ID.
  • ✅ Examine the withdrawal information for accuracy and completeness. Note any confirmation or reference numbers provided during the withdrawal request process.
  • ✅ Once XTB receives the withdrawal request, the organization will conduct the necessary processing. The completion time depends on the chosen method and any additional verification steps that may be required.



Throughout the withdrawal process, monitoring your XTB account and routinely checking your email for any updates regarding the withdrawal’s status is recommended. If necessary, XTB will validate the withdrawal or provide additional instructions for future actions.


XTB Fund and Rebate Withdrawal Process


Legal and Tax Implications of Forex Trading Rebates with XTB


Forex trading rebates, such as those provided by XTB, effectively refund a percentage of the trader’s trading costs. These rebates, however, have legal and financial ramifications that dealers should be aware of.  Regarding taxes, the IRS considers rebates to decrease the cost of trading rather than income. This implies that these rebates might reduce the tax you owe by lowering your net trading profit.

However, since tax rules differ from country to country, traders should contact a tax specialist in their jurisdiction to understand the precise tax ramifications.  Legally, traders must recognize that entering a rebate program entails consenting to the broker’s terms and conditions.

These conditions often contain provisions for how the rebate is computed when it is paid and what acts may result in the loss of the refund. Before engaging in a rebate program, traders should carefully read these conditions and confirm they understand them.


Risks and Limitations of Forex Trading Rebates at XTB


While forex trading rebates may provide financial advantages, they also have dangers and restrictions.  One of the most significant dangers is the possibility of a shift in trading behavior. Knowing that a part of the trading cost would be repaid may motivate traders to trade more often or engage in riskier deals, which may result in losses.

Another danger is the possibility of misunderstanding or misunderstandings regarding the rebate program’s conditions. A trader, for example, may be unaware that some sorts of transactions or accounts are not eligible for rebates, resulting in disappointment or financial loss.


Legal and Tax Implications of Forex Trading Rebates with XTB


Strategies to Maximize Rebates with XTB


It is critical to have a strong grasp of the Forex market and the variables that drive currency price fluctuations. Understanding economic statistics, geopolitical developments, and market sentiment is part of this. The more you know, the better your trading choices will be, leading to bigger trading volumes and more rebates.

XTB offers a few risk management tools, including stop-loss and take-profit orders. Effective use of these tools may help you secure your gains and decrease losses, which is critical for long-term trading success.

XTB provides many instructional tools, such as webinars, video tutorials, and articles. Utilize these tools to enhance your trading abilities and expertise constantly. The more proficient you are, the more likely you are to make lucrative transactions.

Furthermore, XTB delivers frequent market analysis and updates. Keeping up with these studies may help you make more educated trading choices, leading to more successful transactions and greater refunds.


Strategies to Maximize Rebates with XTB


XTB Bonuses and Current Promotions


XTB offers the following bonuses and promotions:


  • ✅ A 50% welcome or deposit bonus to newly registered accounts.
  • ✅ A cashback rebates program for active traders.


50% Welcome Bonus or Deposit


Some new non-EU, UK, and MENA consumers receive a 50% welcome incentive from XTB. This incentive is part of XTB’s loyalty offer for consumers of its IFSC Belize-regulated entity. The incentive is computed as follows:


  • ✅ 50% of your initial deposit will be added to your account if you trade a minimum number of lots (15% of your initial deposit) within 60 days of opening your account.
  • ✅ To be eligible, your initial deposit must be at least 100 USD.
  • ✅ You must apply for the Welcome Bonus if you wish to receive it, as it is not given to every customer. You can contact XTB’s sales team for details.



Please note that it is against the law to offer retail customers in the UK/EU/MENA cash-based or other incentives.


XTB Cashback Rebates


The XTB reimbursement rebates program is a promotion where a portion of the participant’s trading costs is returned.


  • ✅ This bonus is applicable for transactions involving certain XTB-offered instruments.
  • ✅ The cashback reflects the proportion of trading costs remitted to the trader if they satisfy the minimum requirements for the XTB-selected instruments.
  • ✅ The returned cost for Standard Accounts is based on the customer-paid spread.
  • ✅ The returned cost for Pro Accounts is contingent on the customer’s commission payment.



After each month, cashback is computed for positions that were closed during that month.


Does XTB have a sign-up bonus?

No, XTB does not have a sign-up bonus but offers a deposit bonus and cashback rebates.


Can I withdraw my XTB bonus?

No, you cannot. The bonus you receive is trading credit and you can use this to trade. However, when you make profits, you can typically withdraw these, subject to XTB’s terms and conditions.



XTB Bonuses and Current Promotions


XTB Awards and Recognition


According to the official XTB website, the broker was awarded the following:


  • ✅ The Best Forex Broker Award was conferred by the Rankia Awards in 2022.
  • ✅ In 2022, the Rankia Awards also recognized XTB as the Best CFD Broker.
  • ✅ At the Forex Expo Dubai in 2021, XTB was recognized for offering the Best Trading Platform.
  • ✅ Moreover, Investopedia named XTB the Best Forex Broker for Low Costs in 2021.



and many more!


XTB Awards and Recognition


XTB Customer Support


🔎 Customer Support📌 XTB Customer Support
⏰ Operating Hours24/5
🥰 Support LanguagesMultilingual
😊 Live Chat✅ Yes
💌 Email Address[email protected]
☎️ Telephonic Support+357 257 25356
5️⃣ The overall quality of XTB Support5/5


Customer Support – Live Chat Questions and Answers


We tested XTB’s live chat by asking them some of the most common FAQs prospective traders might have, and we have recorded their answers below. Answers are verbatim but edited for spelling and grammar.


How quickly will I receive my sign-up bonus?

“Welcome Bonus can be received after you sign up for the program. To do that, kindly write us an email to [email protected] after you have opened an account.”


How can I manage my trading risk when I sign up?

“You can read all about risk management here in this article. We highly recommend using Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. Besides, an account manager is assigned to a client after the account opening. They will be happy to support you at any time.”


Do you recommend leverage?

“Leverage can bring many advantages, but also it is easier to lose the sense of potential losses. It is worth remembering to keep the margin level above 50%.”


Which Forex Trading Strategy should I try as a beginner?

“Day trading is one of the most popular trading styles, and it is also widely used by forex traders. In this article, you can learn more about day trading and some of the most popular strategies for forex traders.”


Do you provide compensation to eligible clients?

“Your funds are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), up to £85,000 per eligible person in the unlikely event of our insolvency.”


What is your requote policy?

“Because of our ultra-fast execution and price feeds, there are no requotes when trading with us. Your order will always be executed at the requested price – instant orders, every time.”


How do you protect client data and information?

“XTB guards your data with the most advanced technological tools.

We constantly develop their infrastructure by investing in the newest technologies to guarantee safety and security for you and your investments. Connections between XTB servers and mobile app on your device are fully encrypted, raising the security level.”


How do you handle customer complaints?

“Our dedicated customer service team will always be happy to help. You can contact us via chat, email: [email protected], or at +48 222 739 976. Usually, we respond within 10 minutes. If a claim requires technical checking, we shall provide an answer within 30 days, but it is often a lot faster.”


What is the recommended initial deposit?

“XTB does not require a minimum deposit just to open an account, but an appropriate amount of money is required to open a specific position. It only depends on the instrument in which you are interested. You can also withdraw your funds at any time.”


Can I contact XTB on Facebook?

Yes, XTB is reachable through various social media platforms, including Facebook.


Can I contact XTB in Australia?

No, XTB does not currently accept clients from Australia.



XTB Customer Support


XTB User Reviews


🥇 Happy Client!

I have found XTB’s customer care to be great in my experience. My experience started with a demo account, and shortly after that, a member of their staff contacted me, identifying themselves as my account manager. Following that, I got an extensive collection of instructional resources through email. As a result of this encouragement, I switched to a genuine trading account and have been actively trading with it throughout the lockout time. – Georgiana Donnelly



🥈 User-Friendly.

I am glad to have found a perfect recipe comprised of an intuitive, comprehensive, and user-friendly Trading Platform, paired with a highly supportive staff devoted to aiding traders in reaching success, after extensive study of numerous trading solutions. – Zahra Burgess



🥉 Great Mobile App.

XTB’s mobile app has been an absolute treat for me. While the desktop software is adequate, I would like to see a few more indications, such as anchored VWAP, added to it. Furthermore, I first struggled to find colorless candles, but after additional investigation, I uncovered them in the settings. Furthermore, I must thank the kind and friendly Slovakian agent. – Mohsin Miranda



XTB Pros and Cons


✅ Pros❎ Cons
XTB is regulated by several financial authorities globally, including the UK’s FCAXTB’s product portfolio is limited mostly to CFDs
XTB is listed on the Warsaw Stock ExchangeXTB charges inactivity fees on dormant accounts
There are commission-free stocks/ETFs for some regionsCustomer service is only available 24/5
There are free and fast deposit and withdrawal methods supportedSome popular assets like bonds, mutual funds, options, or futures are not available
XTB offers its award-winning platformsWithdrawal fees could apply
Provides real-time news and comprehensive education resourcesDoes not offer MetaTrader or cTrader



Recommendation for Improving XTB Cashback Rebates


XTB could consider expanding its product portfolio beyond CFDs to include more diverse financial instruments like bonds, mutual funds, options, or futures.  Given that forex trading is a 24/7 activity, providing round-the-clock customer service could significantly enhance the user experience. Furthermore,


  • ✅ Inactivity fees can be a deterrent for some traders. Removing these fees or extending the period of inactivity required before they are charged could make the platform more attractive.
  • ✅ The rebate program could be made more inclusive by lowering the volume of trades required to qualify or offering it to traders in more regions.
  • ✅ Providing a clear and detailed breakdown of all potential fees, including withdrawal fees, can help traders make more informed decisions and build trust in the platform.



Finally, While XTB already offers comprehensive educational resources, continually updating and expanding these resources can help traders at all levels improve their trading skills and knowledge.


Our Verdict on XTB


According to our research, XTB is a well-regulated, Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed platform offering vast markets and instruments. It offers real-time news, extensive educational resources, and a variety of risk management tools.  Quick deposit and withdrawal methods are available, and there is no minimum deposit requirement, allowing traders to be flexible with their initial investment.

However, our findings have shown that XTB has a limited product offering, consisting primarily of CFDs, levies inactivity fees on inert accounts, and offers only 24-hour customer service.



Frequently Asked Questions about Forex Trading Rebates at XTB


What are forex trading rebates?

Forex trading rebates refund a percentage of the trader’s trading costs. They are often provided as a type of promotion or incentive to traders to encourage them to trade more frequently.

Typically, the rebate is computed as a percentage of the trading cost, which might include spreads and fees.


How do forex trading rebates work with XTB?

Cashbacks are available from XTB for large-volume traders. However, the qualifying requirements vary depending on where and whose branch of the XTB Group you trade with.

Cashback is available to non-UK/EU people who have joined XTB’s IFSC Belize-regulated firm as part of a loyalty program.


How can I track and monitor my Forex trading rebates with XTB?

You can easily track and monitor your Forex rebates on the XTB platforms or from your client portal.


How much can I earn through forex trading rebates with XTB?

You can earn 10% to 40% back on your spreads or commissions with XTB.


Can I use my rebates at XTB to offset trading costs?

Yes, you can utilize the rebates you receive at XTB to cover your trading fees.


Are there any limitations or restrictions on using forex trading rebates?

Yes, there are constraints and limits to employing forex trading rebates. For example, due to laws, XTB cannot provide cashback benefits to retail customers in the UK/EU.

Furthermore, since cashback is often computed and sent monthly, traders will not notice an instant decrease in their trading expenses.


How can I sign up for forex trading rebates with XTB?

You can speak to your manager if you already have an XTB account. However, if you have not previously signed up with XTB, you can head to their website, hover over “Trading Services,” click on “Cashback rebates,” and click on the “Register for Cashback” banner to get started.


Can I lose my eligibility for rebates at XTB?

Yes, XTB maintains the right to amend the rebate program’s rules, remove a customer from the program, or cancel the program at any time.


Does XTB offer rebates for traders in all countries?

No, due to various legislation, XTB’s cashback program may not be offered to traders in all countries.


Are there any requirements to be eligible for forex trading rebates with XTB?

Yes, there are prerequisites for receiving forex trading rebates from XTB. For example, you can sign up for the program if you trade a certain monthly volume and are a non-UK/EU resident onboarded with XTB’s IFSC Belize-regulated firm.


Does XTB offer rebates for all types of trades?

No, not all sorts of transactions are eligible for XTB rebates.


Can I combine forex trading rebates with other promotions or bonuses offered by XTB?

No, you cannot. XTB offers the cashback program as an incentive to traders and typically does not allow combining bonuses.


How does XTB’s rebate program compare to those of other brokers?

The rebate scheme of XTB is comparable with those of rival brokers. The particular advantages, however, would be determined by the rules of each broker’s program.


Are forex trading rebates taxable?

Forex trading rebates are often seen as a decrease in the cost of trading rather than as revenue. This implies that these rebates might decrease the tax you owe by lowering your net trading profit.

However, since tax rules differ from nation to country, traders should contact a tax specialist in their jurisdiction to understand the precise tax ramifications.


How are forex trading rebates credited to my account with XTB?

Forex trading rebates are normally calculated at the end of each month for positions closed during that month. After that, the rebate is applied to the trader’s account.


What is the maximum rebate percentage I can get at XTB?

You could get a maximum rebate percentage of 40% from XTB when you hit a specified trading volume.


Does XTB offer rebates for all types of accounts?

No, not all account types are eligible for XTB’s refund program.