Cashback Forex Rebates


What are Forex Rebates? The Ultimate Guide revealed. We have conducted extensive research to compile a comprehensive (and complete) guide for traders regarding Forex Rebates and what they are.


In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn:


  • ✅ What are “Rebates” in Forex Trading?
  • ✅ How do Traders earn Forex Rebates?
  • ✅ Introduction to Forex Affiliate and Referral Programs
  • ✅ Forex Rebates versus Referral Programs
  • ✅ Forex Rebates versus Forex Bonuses
  • ✅ Affiliate Programs – Revenue Share
  • ✅ How much could you save with Forex Rebates?
  • ✅ How Forex Rebates Benefit Brokers
  • ✅ How to earn Forex Rebates Step-by-Step
  • ✅ Forex Rebates Pros and Cons
  • ✅ The Best Forex Brokers


And lots more…



What are “Rebates” in Forex Trading?


  • ✅ A rebate is a discount or return a trader may get in forex trading.



For example, brokers may issue rebates to decrease the cost of trading for their customers or third parties to encourage traders to use certain brokers or trading platforms.

On the FX market, rebates may be arranged in several ways. For instance;


  • ✅ A broker may give a set rebate on every transaction or a portion of the spread as a rebate.
  • ✅ Some brokers additionally provide tiered rebates, where the rebate value grows as the transaction volume does.
  • ✅ Rebates may be a beneficial tool to lower the cost of trading, particularly for traders with frequent or substantial holdings.



However, before deciding to trade with a certain broker, traders must carefully analyze the terms and circumstances of any rebate program and the total cost of trading with that broker.


What are “Rebates” in Forex Trading?


How do Traders earn Forex Rebates?


There are a variety of techniques for forex market traders to earn rebates. Below are a few examples.


✅By trading with a rebate-offering broker


Some brokers provide rebates to attract new traders or reward their current customers for their continued business. These rebates can be provided as a set sum for each transaction or as a percentage of the spread.

To obtain these rebates, traders simply create an account with a broker that provides them and then execute transactions as usual.


✅Participating in a rebate program


By referring traders to certain brokers or trading platforms, several third parties provide rebate programs that enable traders to earn money back on their transactions.

To participate in these programs, traders must often create an account with the sponsored broker or trading platform.


✅Through Brokers who provide bonuses or competitions


Brokers and other financial organizations may give rebates to clients participating in a trading competition or campaign.

To be eligible for these rebates, traders might be required to achieve specific criteria, such as a minimum trading volume or profitability.


How do Traders earn Forex Rebates?


Introduction to Forex Affiliate and Referral Programs

Forex Affiliate Programs allow you to earn monetary compensation when recommending traders or investors to a certain broker. In other words, you gain fees for referring clients who trade using the online brokerage.

Depending on your company strategy, these recommendations may include:


  • ✅ Customers,
  • ✅ Active traders,
  • ✅ or followers.


However, the premise is the same regardless of your business strategy, whether you are an introducing broker, affiliate marketer, or hedge fund manager.

Thus, the larger your Forex affiliate commissions will be, the more referrals you send to the online brokerage you are marketing and the higher the trading activities of everyone you suggest.


Types of Affiliates


There are three methods to interact with a Forex broker, namely:


  • ✅ You could enroll in a Forex referral program in which you suggest new customers to a broker or platform and be compensated depending on their value.
  • ✅ You could become a Forex affiliate by hosting or sharing links to the broker’s website on your social media accounts.



You could collaborate with a broker to white-label their Forex trading platform for your customers.


Affiliate Terms and Definitions


  • ✅ CPA – Depending on the broker, “CPA” might mean “Cost Per Action” or “Cost Per Acquisition.” Because the ‘activity’ for which you get rewards varies from Forex affiliate program to Forex affiliate program, it is crucial to read each program’s conditions carefully. For example, in most cases, you will get a bonus if the person you recommended makes a deposit instead of just establishing an account.
  • ✅ CPL – Cost Per Lead or the price of a single prospective client. You could earn referral fees from certain services even if the people you send their way never really establish an account or put money into the system.
  • ✅ Rebates – Commissions in the form of rebates are offered continuously. You earn a percentage of your referral’s trading volume for as long as they remain active on the platform. Typical compensation schemes include a fixed rate per traded lot, a percentage of spreads, or a predetermined number of pips for each standard lot.
  • ✅ Sub-Affiliate / Multi-Tier Commission – Referral commissions are paid when a client you sent to a broker ends up sending more business that way.



Finally, Revenue Share.  This implies that you will get a commission regardless of whether the referred business makes a profit (or even incurs a loss).


Introduction to Forex Affiliate and Referral Programs


How do Affiliate Programs Work?


Affiliate programs target people who have made a name for themselves as trusted sources of knowledge on trade and finance online, including website owners, digital publishers, online marketing experts, and social media influencers.

These assist you in diversifying your existing web presence into a new source of income. To become a Forex affiliate, you must typically add links and banners to your site that direct visitors to the relevant resource.

After signing up with the broker, selecting a suitable kind of offer, and distributing the right advertising materials, the process is complete. Then, when one of your readers clicks on the link, the broker takes over.

CPA is the standard payment model for affiliate programs. When someone clicks on one of your links and opens an account with the broker, the broker’s platform will recognize your referral source and pay you a fee based on the deposit amount.

Furthermore, some cost-per-acquisition (CPA) programs might pay as much as $600 to $1,000 per new client.


How do Affiliate Programs Work?


How do Referral Programs Work?


Traders, financial advisors, and agents with a solid reputation for expertise in the trading and investing industries and a large circle of contacts they might present to the broker can benefit from referral programs.

An effective Forex referral campaign is user-friendly. Once you have been accepted, you will be given a referral link and a QR code to share with anybody who shows interest.

The broker you choose to work with will determine how much of a commission you earn per customer acquisition or how much of a percentage of the broker’s continuing income you get based on factors like the first deposit and the volume of trades.


How do Referral Programs Work?


Forex Rebates versus Referral Programs


Incentives to place business, such as rebates (the return of a percentage of the premium or the agent’s or broker’s commission on the premium), are examples of rebates.

A referral suggests another person or resource be consulted, examined, or otherwise used in some way beyond its current state.

Consider that rebates and referrals are two separate things. However, they might be linked in that you can think of a referral program that also offers an incentive to the person making the recommendation.


Forex Rebates versus Referral Programs


Forex Rebates versus Forex Bonuses


A forex rebate or cash back is distinct from a forex sign-up bonus. A bonus is a gift a broker gives their new customers as payment for enabling them to operate as a broker.

When selecting a forex broker with a welcome bonus, you have decided to pay them a charge for the opportunity to speculate on the currency market.

Subsequently, the more your trading volume, the greater your broker’s profit. So, in addition to demonstrating gratitude by providing you with a bonus, your broker is also attempting to get you used to trading in greater volume.


Forex Rebates versus Forex Bonuses


Affiliate Programs – Revenue Share


The components of a Revenue Share program are as follows:


  • ✅ Sub-Partners are participants in the affiliate program who use the affiliate link of a partner to become an affiliate as well.
  • ✅ Referrals are members of an affiliate program, and new clients who start trading with a broker will use the affiliate’s unique link.
  • ✅ A cashback refers to a percentage commission that the vendor or platform shares with clients at the provider’s discretion.



The term “RevShare” refers to a particular sort of affiliate commission. This strategy entails the corporation dividing the price of a product or service by a certain proportion to be split among its subsidiaries. The latter gets a part of the money generated by the customers they bring in.

Spread share is another term for income split. Affiliates get a percentage of the earnings (or losses) on the sales made to their active recommended customers.

The longer-term advantages of this compensation structure make it the preferred method over the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) commission structure. Benefits include future commission payments if the suggested trader uses the forex broker.

However, the exact structure of a revenue-sharing commission will change based on things, including the nature of the lead’s trading activity.


Overall, the process can be explained as follows:


  • ✅ Trader 1 registers as an affiliate or partner with a broker.
  • ✅ Trader 2 joins the broker using an individual referral link for Trader 1; they register an account and make the minimum deposit or more.
  • ✅ Trader 2 registers in the affiliate program and becomes a sub-partner. They are subsequently provided with a unique affiliate link, and Trader 1 can start receiving a percentage of income from Trader 2’s commission reward.
  • ✅ Trader 2 draws clients and partners, providing commissions for trading activities performed by partner clients and sub-partner referrals and partners.
  • ✅ Sub-partners can then decide the percentage of commission they want to share with their clients, helping to stimulate clients who register by using an invitation they received from the partner.



Furthermore, affiliate commissions are earned when a Partner brings in new customers via their referral link, and those funds are deposited into those customers’ accounts.


Affiliate Programs - Revenue Share


How much could you save with Forex Rebates?


To determine a rebate, brokers often use a round-turn per lot or a spread. The average rebate is $3 per lot when counting round trips.

They range from as little as $1.50 to as much as $7 in certain situations. If you make many transactions every day or over a hundred trades every month, these rebates may soon add up to a significant sum.

Furthermore, broker cashback might be as little as $1.50 per trade if commissions are minimal. However, it is not as simple as picking the largest rebate offered without considering the basic round lot fee.

Never forget that you are footing the bill for the broker’s extensive assistance and some brokers might charge more because they provide more valuable services, research, and resources.

The average rebate for spreads is 0.5 pips, but this number varies widely amongst brokers.


How much could you save with Forex Rebates


How Forex Rebates Benefit Brokers


Forex rebates can increase the number of new customers and encourage existing customers to increase their trading volumes.

A trader could recycle partially paid expenses into future deals. Alternatively, with the expectation that a future rebate would reimburse a portion of the spread, traders could use risky strategies in which the spread consumes a significant amount of their profits.

Furthermore, these factors could encourage the trader to use all assets kinds available on the broker’s platform. For instance, the broker can provide more advantageous terms for repaying a portion of the spread for exotic pairings with greater volatility.

In addition, the broker might encourage the trader to expand his skills and establish a professional ECN account with more advantageous rebate terms. Other benefits towards brokers include loyalty of traders towards the broker and partners and consistent transactions by the trader.


How Forex Rebates Benefit Brokers


How to earn Forex Rebates Step-by-Step


Step 1 – Find a Cashback Rebates Facilitator or Provider


  • ✅ Find a cashback facilitator to begin the cash rebate process. For example, retail brokers could promote their services online with agreements between companies and platforms.
  • ✅ You can choose from many forex brokers while working with a cashback organization. If you make a deposit and use the broker’s platform to make trades, they will earn a cut of the commission that you pay as a result.



Step 2 – Sign up for an Account with a Partner Broker and start trading


  • ✅ When you join up and start trading, you start generating revenue for a forex cashback firm. Forex cashback firms are like review sites that promote retail forex brokers, but they give you a portion of their commissions.
  • ✅ Subsequently, you participate in a revenue-sharing arrangement in which you are compensated for your commissions.



In addition, if you introduce others to the cashback website, you will also get a cut of their commissions. You may even make money without spending a dime if you bring in enough customers for the site.


How to earn Forex Rebates Step-by-Step


Forex Rebates Pros and Cons


Pros of Forex Rebates


  • ✅ Rebates can cut your commission expenses and open the door to previously unexplored techniques.
  • ✅ By using cashback rebate providers, you might qualify for spreads normally reserved for investors with larger accounts.
  • ✅ Traders receive cash back regardless of the outcome of their trades.
  • ✅ Traders can become more profitable because of cashback rebates, even when they experience a losing streak.
  • ✅ Both existing and new accounts can qualify for cashback rebates if they fulfill other requirements.



The more transactions executed, the more rebates traders could receive.


Cons of Forex Rebates


  • ❎ Forex rebates can make traders complacent. Regardless of whether traders make profits on every trade, they must pay attention to the trading profit and not only calculate the cashback.
  • ❎ It could cause traders to become reckless because they are reimbursed for their trades regardless of the outcome (win or lose). Furthermore, traders could trade faster than they should or take unnecessary risks.
  • ❎ Receiving cashback will not guarantee that you can grow as a trader. Traders must develop their skills through manual trading, practicing strategies, and protecting their capital while striving for consistent profits.



Many traders participate in the forex market only because of the potential cashback rebates they can receive, which could lead to increased losses.


Forex Rebates Pros and Cons


The Best Forex Brokers


In this article, we have listed the best brokers offering trading solutions and opportunities. In addition, we have further identified the brokers that offer additional services and solutions to traders.


Best MetaTrader 4 / MT4 Forex Broker


Overall, Pepperstone is the best MT4 Forex Broker. MetaTrader 4 is one of three platforms offered by Pepperstone.

With MetaTrader 4, traders can expect low spreads from 0.0 pips on the Razor Account, with commissions of 7 USD that could be reimbursed via a rebates program with a Pepperstone partner.


Best MetaTrader 4 MT4 Forex Broker


Best MetaTrader 5 / MT5 Forex Broker


Overall, AvaTrade is the best MetaTrader 5 Forex Broker. AvaTrade has a $100 minimum deposit and one of the best affiliate programs in the industry.

In addition, AvaTrade is multi-regulated and trusted, providing its services to over 300,000 traders worldwide via MetaTrader 5 and other platforms.


Best MetaTrader 5 MT5 Forex Broker


Best Forex Broker for Beginners


Overall, FXTM is the best Forex Broker for beginners. Traders registering a trading account with FXTM can expect innovative technologies and many resources. In addition, FXTM offers a comprehensive education that includes daily videos, webinars, and more.


Best Forex Broker for Beginners


Best Low Minimum Deposit Forex Broker


Overall, Exness is the best Low Minimum Deposit Forex Broker. Exness allows traders to register an account with a minimum deposit of 10 USD, allowing them to register a Cent Account. This account is denominated in Cents, ensuring lower risks are involved with live trading markets.


Best Low Minimum Deposit Forex Broker


Best ECN Forex Broker


Overall, CM Trading is the best ECN Forex Broker. Over 1 million traders use CM Trading as a leading ECN and STP broker with competitive spreads and commissions.

CM Trading provides negative balance protection, supports one-click trading, and provides innovative trading technology.


Best ECN Forex Broker


Best Islamic / Swap-Free Forex Broker


Overall, HFM is the best Islamic / Swap-Free Forex Broker. HFM is a globally recognized STP and ECN broker that provides flexible account options, including an Islamic Account for Muslim traders. In addition, HFM is Shariah-compliant and offers a few halal financial instruments to traders.


Best Islamic Swap-Free Forex Broker


Best Forex Trading App


Overall, Axi is the best Forex trading app. Axi is a well-regulated broker that provides traders access to MT4 on iOS and Android. Furthermore, Axi offers the NexGen plugin that includes advanced sentiment indicators, correlation traders, and automated trade journals.


Best Forex Trading App


Best Lowest Spread Forex Broker


Overall, XM is the best lowest-spread Forex Broker. The spreads with XM start from as low as 0.6 pips on the Ultra-Low Account. As a result, traders can easily open 300 positions on this account and enjoy commission-free trading, with leverage up to 1:1000.


Best Lowest Spread Forex Broker


Best Nasdaq 100 Forex Broker


Overall, BDSwiss is the best Nasdaq 100 Forex Broker. BDSwiss has been operating for a decade and has become a popular option in the forex and CFD industry. BDSwiss offers several asset classes at competitive rates, including indices and shares relating to NASDAQ 100.


Best Nasdaq 100 Forex Broker


Best Volatility 75 / VIX 75 Forex Broker


Overall, Plus500 is the best Volatility 75 / VIX 75 Forex Broker. In addition, Plus500 is among the best CFD providers with innovative and robust proprietary trading software. As a result, traders can expect competitive spreads on VIX 75 with the advantage that commissions are not charged.


Best Volatility 75 VIX 75 Forex Broker


Best NDD Forex Broker


Overall, IC Markets is the best NDD Forex Broker. IC Markets is a true ECN broker with zero-pip spreads, making it one of the best NDD brokers in the industry. Furthermore, traders can expect a range of unique and powerful trading solutions, flexible accounts, and the best platforms.


Best NDD Forex Broker


Best STP Forex Broker


Overall, Tickmill is the best STP Forex Broker. Tickmill is a well-regulated STP and ECN broker with zero-pip spreads, three flexible accounts, and MT4/5. In addition, Tickmill aggregates its pricing from top liquidity providers and offers a decent range of instruments that can be traded.


Best STP Forex Broker


Best Sign-up Bonus Forex Broker


Overall, FBS is the best sign-up bonus Forex Broker. New trading accounts with FBS can earn a no-deposit bonus when they verify the trading account. FBS also provides a range of other promotions that traders can access, all with a minimum deposit of 1 USD.


Best Sign-up Bonus Forex Broker





The foreign exchange market is one of many fascinating investment venues. However, not everyone who takes a risk in currency trading is successful.

As a result, forex brokers have implemented incentives to entice traders to enter the market in the face of an increasing number of account closures. Among these incentives are bonuses on initial deposits, trading bonuses, and currency rebates.

Forex rebates could be advantageous for novice traders since they can continue to benefit from their transactions regardless of their success.

However, Forex rebates might not always result in increased earnings and decreased trading expenses. Since brokers with forex rebate programs anticipate offering such discounts to their clients, some of them raise the size of the spreads to meet the additional expense.



Our Review Methodology:   For each of our broker evaluations, we investigate, evaluate, analyze, and compare what we feel to be the most crucial criteria to consider when selecting a broker.  This evaluation comprises positives, disadvantages, and an overall score based on our findings. We want to assist you in locating the ideal broker for your requirements.  Our broker review should not be considered financial advice. However, traders are urged to seek professional financial advice before making investment decisions.



Addendum/Disclosure:  No matter how diligently we strive to maintain accuracy, the forex market is a volatile environment that may change at any time, even if the information supplied is correct at the time of going live.



Investor Warning: Foreign currency trading on margin is associated with an elevated risk and may not be appropriate for all investors. Before engaging in foreign currency or Contract for Difference (CFD) trading, you must evaluate your investing goals, expertise, appetite for risk, and willingness to be exposed to risk. In addition, you should not start investing capital you cannot afford to lose because you could lose part of your original investment.



Frequently Asked Questions


How are forex rebates typically calculated?

Forex rebates are typically computed as a percentage of the spread or a predetermined sum for every transaction. Therefore, the rebate amount could vary based on the broker or program giving it.


Do I pay tax on Forex rebates?

In some instances, forex rebates may constitute taxable income. Accordingly, traders should contact a tax expert to establish if their rebates are taxable and, if so, how to declare them on their tax returns.


Could I receive forex rebates on every trade that I make?

It is contingent on the broker or program giving the rebate. For example, some brokers may give a rebate on every transaction executed by a trader, while others might offer rebates only on sorts of trades or under certain circumstances.


Will all Forex brokers offer rebates?

Not every broker provides rebates. Therefore, traders need to shop and evaluate the services of several brokers to discover the one that matches their demands the best.


Are there any risks involved with Forex rebates?

Some risks involved with forex rebates include that rebates can be terminated or restricted at the provider’s discretion.

Furthermore, rebates are subject to change and are taxable. Furthermore, there are several factors to consider before opting for rebates, including the provider’s reputation, the platform, and the overall cost of trading.