OctaFX Cashback Rebates


Overall, OctaFX offers a Forex cashback on the MT4 and MT5 Accounts of $4.8 per lot on Forex on the MT4, MT5, and OctaFX platforms, or up to $8 per lot. However, traders could also earn up to a 5% loyalty bonus and reward points up to 1% of their trades, according to OctaFX.


OctaFX Cashback Rebates


How to Open a Forex Cashback Account with OctaFX (via SAShares)


You can follow these steps to register for a Forex Cashback Account with OctaFX via SAShares.



Step 1:  Visit the OctaFX website and click “Open New Account.”

Step 2:   Submit your Trading ID to us: [SAShares]



For Example:



To: [SAShares]

Subject: New OctaFX Rebate Application


“Dear SAShares Team,

Please view my OctaFX Client ID: 12345 (Your Account, Client, or Trading ID] and inform me whether my rebate application has been accepted.”



Step 3:  Wait for approval, which will be sent within [number of hours]. Once approval is given, you will automatically receive your cashback rebates from the OctaFX system.



How to transfer your existing Forex Cashback Account with OctaFX (via SAShares)


If you have an existing trading account with OctaFX, you can easily transfer your existing Cashback Account to SAShares using these few steps:



Step 1:  Send an email to OctaFX: [email protected] and  Request that the broker transfer the trading account under the following SAShares Affiliate ID: [SAShares]


For Example:


To: [SAShares]

Subject: Account Transfer Request


“Dear OctaFX Partner/Affiliate Team,

I would hereby like to request that my account be transferred to IB/Partner/Affiliate code [SAShares Code]. Furthermore, I would hereby like to request to be assigned under the mentioned IB regardless of whether my account falls under an umbrella or parent IB.”



Step 2:  Once you receive confirmation of the transfer from OctaFX, you can create an additional trading account.

Step 3:  Lastly, you can send your Trading or Client ID to [SAShares].



For Example:



To: [SAShares]

Subject: New OctaFX Rebate Application


“Dear SAShares Team,

Please view my OctaFX Client ID: 12345 (Your Account, Client, or Trading ID] and inform me whether my rebate application has been accepted.


How to Open a Forex Cashback Account with OctaFX (via SAShares)


Understanding Forex Trading Rebates Work with OctaFX


OctaFX has a rebate scheme via which traders may obtain a refund of a portion of the trading spread or fee paid to the broker when opening or closing an order.  For the MT4, MT5, and OctaTrader platforms, the rebate value varies from $4.8 to $8 per lot. These discounts are available for both loss and profit orders.

Traders earn a 5% loyalty incentive and reward points equivalent to 1% of the rebate they receive in addition to the refund. The rebate is added to the trader’s account on a weekly basis and is available for withdrawal at any time based on the available balance.

OctaFX is an ECN/NDD broker based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines that was launched in 2011. It provides award-winning trading conditions for CFD, commodities, and index trading. OctaFX also offers a variety of promos, including deposit and no-deposit incentives.

The refund value is variable and might range from $4.8 to $8 per lot. This is impacted by the number of active customers under the IB, where an active client is defined as having a balance of more than $100 and having 5 valid orders completed within 30 days.

Furthermore, if IB commissions change, the rebate reporting system will automatically adapt.


Understanding Forex Trading Rebates Work with OctaFX


Key Features and Highlights of OctaFX’s Forex Trading Rebate Program


🔎 Live Account💴 Minimum Dep.📈 Average Spread📉 Commissions📊 Average Trading Cost
🅰️ MT4$1000.6 pipsNone6 USD
🅱️ MT5$1000.6 pipsNone6 USD


Key Features and Highlights of OctaFX's Forex Trading Rebate Program


Tips and  Key Factors for Choosing OctaFX for Forex Trading Rebates


There are numerous important elements to consider while selecting OctaFX or any other broker for Forex Trading Rebates:


  • ✅ The fundamental purpose of forex trading is to benefit from price fluctuations. Rebates should be seen as supplemental revenue or “sweeteners,” rather than the primary source of your earnings.
  • ✅ Every trader needs a trading strategy. Stick to your goal and do not let rebates determine your trading actions. For example, if you are a swing trader, do not be persuaded to move to scalping because of rebates.
  • ✅ It is critical not to get obsessed with receiving rebates. This might result in a change in emphasis away from making excellent trading choices and toward merely boosting trade volume. Remember that forex rebates are not the primary goal of your trading. The currency market profits are where the real money is.
  • Forex rebates can be paid daily, weekly, or monthly. Payment options may range from e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and others to more traditional bank wire transactions. Some brokers may also provide rebates to traders by lowering spreads or charges on future deals.



Rebate calculations can be done in pips, lots, or percentages. Knowing how your broker calculates rebates can allow you to evaluate your potential revenue.  While forex rebates may offer financial incentives, if not handled correctly, they can also lead to irresponsible trading activity.

For example, the simplicity of collecting forex rebates may tempt traders to execute more transactions without sufficient research, thus resulting in losses.  Scam rebate providers, like brokers, exist. It is critical to confirm that the rebate program you are about to join is authentic and not a fraud.


Tips and  Key Factors for Choosing OctaFX for Forex Trading Rebates


Number of Traders participating in OctaFX Cashback Rebates Plus Real-Life Examples


It is unclear how many of OctaFX’s 21 million+ clients currently participate in the rebates program via Introducing Brokers. However, we can give some of the following examples of the OctaFX rebates in action.


🥇 Yasin Brock


Yasin engages in high-volume trading on the MT4 platform, executing 100 lots within a week. OctaFX, a prominent brokerage, provides a rebate program that offers a maximum rebate of $8 per lot. Consequently, Yasin is entitled to a substantial rebate amount of $800 (100 lots * $8) for that specific trading week. OctaFX promptly credits this amount to Yasin’s trading account, granting them the flexibility to withdraw the rebate at their convenience.


🥈 Joyce Skinner


Consider the scenario of a casual trader, Joyce, who actively participates in trading on the MT5 platform. Throughout the week, Joyce Skinner conducts trades amounting to 10 lots. Similarly, OctaFX extends its rebate program with a rate of up to $8 per lot.

Consequently, Joyce becomes eligible to receive a rebate totaling $80 (10 lots * $8) for that trading week. OctaFX seamlessly adds this rebate amount to Joyce’s account balance, providing them with the option to utilize the rebate for future trades or withdraw the funds.


🥉 Fabio Baird


Fabio experiences unfortunate losses during a specific week of trading. Despite encountering losses, Fabio remains eligible for a rebate from OctaFX.

Fabio executes trades totalling 50 lots. OctaFX’s rebate program, offering up to $8 per lot, grants Fabio a rebate amounting to $400 (50 lots * $8) for that trading week.

This rebate serves as a valuable resource to offset a portion of Fabio’s losses and is promptly credited to their trading account.


Number of Traders participating in OctaFX Cashback Rebates Plus Real-Life Examples


Successful Traders Benefiting from OctaFX’s Rebates


OctaFX is an international broker known for delivering attractive and transparent trading circumstances to all Forex traders, regardless of experience or trading abilities.  The broker provides narrow market spreads starting at 0.6 pips, a diverse asset portfolio, and popular trading terminals.

The highest leverage for currencies is 1:500, 1:20 for stocks, 1:50 for indices and commodities, 1:200 for gold and silver, 1:50 for other metals, 1:100 for energies, and 1:25 for cryptocurrency CFDs.  OctaFX has been successful in tailoring its terms to the numerous trading tactics used by traders. The broker is more concerned with active market players than with passive investors.

It does, however, provide two ways to generate passive income: membership in the affiliate program and copy trading. Clients can easily make money via both programs without needing to trade individually.


Successful Traders Benefiting from OctaFX's Rebates


OctaFX Rebate Comparison vs. Notable Other Brokers


🔎 Broker🥇 OctaFX🥈 Axiory🥉 AAAFx
📈 ForexUp to $8 per lot$6 per lot20%
💡 EnergiesUp to $8 per lot$6 per lot20%
🪙 CryptocurrencyUp to $8 per lotN/A20%
💍 Precious MetalsUp to $8 per lot$6 per lot20%
📉 IndicesUp to $8 per lot$6 per lot20%
📊 SharesUp to $8 per lotN/A20%
🍎 Soft CommoditiesN/AN/A20%


OctaFX Rebate Comparison vs. Notable Other Brokers


How to Maximize Your Savings and Profits with Forex Trading Rebates at OctaFX


When you trade, you must pay a spread or a commission. This is a price you must pay. A rebate program, on the other hand, returns a part of this expense to you. This may assist in offsetting trade expenses and boost overall profitability.

Forex rebates are usually proportional to your trading volume. The more you trade, the more rebates you will get. However, keep in mind that more trading does not always imply bigger earnings. You should continue to prioritize quality deals above growing your trading volume to earn more rebates.

Forex rebate programs complement scalping tactics, which include placing a high number of transactions to benefit from little price movements. Because rebates are offered for each deal, scalpers may enhance their gains by taking advantage of rebates.  Some rebate providers give free services and incentives in exchange for employing their services. These may enhance your trading experience and boost your total profitability.

If you are new to forex trading, you are certain to lose some money while you learn. A rebate program may assist in mitigating the effect of these losses, providing you with financial security while you develop your trading abilities.  You may join a rebate program even if you already trade with a broker. This enables you to begin collecting rebates on your transactions without switching brokers.


How to Maximize Your Savings and Profits with Forex Trading Rebates at OctaFX


OctaFX Advantages over Competitors


OctaFX has the following advantages over its competitors:


  • ✅ OctaFX offers high leverage for currency pairs trading, with a maximum size of 1:500.
  • ✅ The company provides a secure trading environment with high-level protection for customer funds and data through a secure SSL protocol, licenses, and segregated accounts.
  • ✅ OctaFX offers a platform for copying trades with risk control features.
  • ✅ The platform provides high-quality and free analytics, such as market analysis, Forex news, and real-time quotes.



OctaFX offers online chat support with operators who promptly answer questions and solve technical problems that arise.


OctaFX Advantages over Competitors


OctaFX Regulation and Safety of Funds


OctaFX Global Regulations


🔎 Registered Entity🌎 Country of Registration📈 Registration Number📉 Regulatory Entity📌 Tier📍 License Number/Ref
➡️ Octa Markets Cyprus LtdCyprusN/ACySEC2372/18
↘️ Orinoco Capital (Pty) LtdSouth Africa2021/704761/07FSCA2FSP 51913
↪️ Octa Markets IncorporatedSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesN/AFSA SVG319776


How OctaFX Protects Traders and Client Funds


🔎 Security Measure📌 Information
🔒 Segregated Accounts✅ Yes
🗝️ Compensation Fund MemberNone
🔏 Compensation AmountNone
🔐 SSL Certificate✅ Yes
🔑 2FA (Where Applicable)✅ Yes
🔓 Privacy Policy in Place✅ Yes
🔒 Risk Warning Provided✅ Yes
🗝️ Negative Balance Protection✅ Yes
🔏 Guaranteed Stop-Loss OrdersNone


Is OctaFX a trusted broker?

OctaFX is a well-known broker with an average trust score because of its two tier-2 two and one tier-3 regulations.


What does OctaFX do with my deposits?

OctaFX keeps all client funds in segregated accounts with top-tier banks.


OctaFX Regulation and Safety of Funds


How to Open a Trading Account with OctaFX


To register a live trading account with OctaFX, you can follow these steps:


  • ✅ Visit the OctaFX website and click on the “Open account” button.
  • ✅ Choose the account type you want to open – a MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 account.
  • ✅ Fill in the required personal information, including your full name, email address, and phone number.
  • ✅ Choose your account-based currency and leverage.
  • ✅ Set up your login details, including your username and password.
  • ✅ Verify your identity by providing a copy of your government-issued ID or passport and proof of address documents, such as a utility bill or bank statement.
  • ✅ Submit your application for review and wait for approval.



Once your account is approved, you can fund it and start trading.



Can I earn rebates on OctaFX’s demo accounts?

No, rebates are only available for live trading accounts.


How long will it take OctaFX to verify my details?

According to OctaFX, it can take a few minutes or up to two hours once you submit your KYC documents.


How to Open a Trading Account with OctaFX


OctaFX Account Types


OctaFX MetaTrader 4 Account


The retail investor account is well-suited for individuals new to the forex market and seeking conventional trading conditions and features. This type of trading account is regarded as ideal for beginner traders, offering the following features:


🔎 Account Feature📌 Value
💴 Minimum Deposit Requirement$100
📈 Average SpreadsFloating, from 0.6 pips
📉 Commissions chargedNone, the mark-up is added to the spread
📊 Minimum Trading Volume0.01 lots
💹 Maximum Trading Volume200 lots
💱 Margin Call25%
⛔ Stop-Out15%
📍 Trade Execution TypeMarket
↪️ Trade Execution Average SpeedUnder 0.1 seconds
💵 Base Account Currency OptionsUSD or EUR
💻 Trading Strategies AllowedHedging, Scalping, Expert Advisors
☪️ Islamic Account Offered✅ Yes


OctaFX MetaTrader 4 Account


OctaFX MetaTrader 5 Account


The OctaFX MetaTrader 5 account is tailored to meet the needs of sophisticated traders who actively participate in multiple financial markets and assets.

This account provides advanced traders with access to innovative trading technology and superior trading conditions, including the following features:


🔎 Account Feature📌 Value
💴 Minimum Deposit Requirement$100
📈 Average SpreadsFloating, from 0.6 pips
📉 Commissions chargedNone, the mark-up is added to the spread
📊 Minimum Trading Volume0.01 lots
📌 Maximum Trading Volume500 lots
📍 Margin Call25%
⛔ Stop-Out15%
💹 Trade Execution TypeMarket
🔢 Trade Execution Average SpeedUnder 0.1 seconds
💷 Base Account Currency OptionsUSD or EUR
💻 Trading Strategies AllowedHedging, Scalping, Expert Advisors
☪️ Islamic Account Offered✅ Yes


OctaFX MetaTrader 5 Account


OctaFX Demo Account


OctaFX offers a demo account that accurately simulates the real trading account experience, providing traders with an authentic trading environment and market conditions.

The demo account is accessible without restrictions and provides unlimited virtual funds that traders can use for various purposes, including novice traders practicing their skills and experienced traders testing their strategies before implementation.

Moreover, the demo account allows traders to participate in the Champion Demo Contest and win real money.


OctaFX Demo Account


OctaFX Islamic Account


OctaFX caters to diverse traders, including those adhering to the principles of Sharia Law, such as Muslim traders. These traders cannot engage in monetary transactions involving interest, which is against Islamic teachings.

Most forex brokers have overnight fees, which limits trading options for Muslim investors who cannot keep their positions open overnight.  OctaFX’s Islamic Account, which has won multiple awards, was designed to enable Muslim traders to profit from medium- to long-term trading techniques without complications.

What sets OctaFX apart is that Muslim traders using the Islamic Account do not have to pay additional charges to offset the lack of overnight fees.


OctaFX Islamic Account


OctaFX Trading Platforms


OctaFX offers traders a choice between these trading platforms:


  • ✅ MetaTrader 4
  • ✅ MetaTrader 5
  • ✅ OctaFX App
  • ✅ CopyTrading App



OctaFX MetaTrader 4 and 5


OctaFX offers MT4 and MT5 trading platforms suitable for beginner and experienced traders. MT4 has a user-friendly interface with a wide range of pre-loaded indicators and can execute automated trading strategies.

MT5, on the other hand, provides additional technical and fundamental indicators for chart analysis, an economic calendar, and more order types. It also supports the creation of unlimited charts and simultaneous testing of different currency pairings.

Furthermore, both platforms are available on mobile devices and tablets, allowing traders to operate from anywhere. However, there may be some feature loss compared to desktop platforms.


OctaFX MetaTrader 4 and 5


OctaFX Proprietary App


OctaFX offers its mobile app, OctaFX Trading App. It provides easy access to all OctaFX accounts, including demo accounts, and is integrated with Market Insights.

The app allows traders to manage all their accounts from one place, including adjusting leverage, making, and canceling trades, depositing and withdrawing funds, and monitoring bonuses and promotions.

In addition, the app is user-friendly and designed to attract new traders who prefer mobile technology for accessing financial markets. OctaFX’s mobile trading support is above average, as both MT4 and MT5 mobile versions are available, in addition to the OctaFX trading app.


OctaFX Proprietary App


OctaFX CopyTrading App


OctaFX’s CopyTrading software is a simple way for traders to replicate signals from other traders. The software’s user-friendly layout makes it easy to locate and follow signal sources based on customized criteria. As a result, traders can construct and track their portfolios at any time.

Furthermore, master accounts are available for traders who want to offer their trading strategies as signals to followers, as well as master, accounts for followers who want to copy signals.


Does OctaFX offer rebates on both MT4 and MT5 platforms?

Yes, OctaFX offers rebates on both the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.


Does OctaFX offer social trading?

Yes, OctaFX offers copy and social trading via its proprietary app for iOS and Android.



OctaFX CopyTrading App


Which Markets Can You Trade with OctaFX?


Traders can expect the following range of markets from OctaFX:


  • ✅ Forex
  • ✅ Index CFDs
  • ✅ Commodities
  • ✅ Cryptocurrencies
  • ✅ Energies
  • ✅ Precious Metals



Which Markets Can You Trade with OctaFX


Financial Instruments and Leverage offered by OctaFX


🔎 Instrument🅰️ Number of Assets Offered🅱️ Max Leverage Offered
📈 Forex321:500
🍎 Commodities51:50
📉 Indices101:50
🪙 Cryptocurrency301:25
💎 Precious Metals21:50


Does OctaFX offer rebates on all trading instruments?

The rebates are typically available on all trading instruments, but the exact amount may vary.


Does OctaFX offer BTC/USD?

Yes, OctaFX offers BTC/USD as a crypto CFD with spreads from 2.8 pips.


Financial Instruments and Leverage offered by OctaFX


OctaFX Trading and Non-Trading Fees


OctaFX Spreads


OctaFX’s spreads vary based on the broker’s service charge and the market conditions on the day of trading, with spreads computed for each trade depending on the financial instrument being traded. Some typical spreads include, but are not limited to some of the following:


  • ✅ EUR/USD – from 0.6 pips
  • ✅ USD/JPY – from 1 pip
  • ✅ NAS100 – from 1.2 pips
  • ✅ BTC/USD – from 2.8 pips
  • ✅ XBR/USD – from 0.7 pips
  • ✅ XTI/USD – from 0.7 pips



OctaFX Commissions


OctaFX includes the cost of facilitating transactions in its spreads, eliminating the need for transaction fees.


OctaFX Overnight Fees, Rollovers, or Swaps


Swap fees are the last cost to consider when holding positions overnight at OctaFX. While no swap fees are imposed on positions open for the first two nights on MT5, a fixed fee is applied after the third night.


Furthermore, traders can expect some of the following typical overnight fees:


  • ✅ EUR/USD – a short swap of -0.64 points and a long swap of -1.03 points
  • ✅ USD/JPY – a short swap of -0.77 points and a long swap of -0.69 points
  • ✅ NAS100 – a short swap of -8.00 points and a long swap of -8.00 points
  • ✅ BTC/USD – a short swap of -2.00 points and a long swap of -2.00 points
  • ✅ XBR/USD – a short swap of -1.00 points and a long swap of -1.00 points
  • ✅ XTI/USD – a short swap of -1.00 points and a long swap of -1.00 points



Overnight fees can be calculated using pip price x swap (short/long) x volume / 10.


Deposit, Withdrawal, Inactivity and Currency Conversion Fees


OctaFX does not charge fees on deposits or withdrawals, but payment providers or financial institutions may impose processing costs.  OctaFX does not impose inactivity fees on inactive accounts, regardless of how long they remain dormant.

When traders deposit or withdraw funds in currencies other than EUR or USD, currency conversion costs may be incurred due to the limited number of base account currencies available at OctaFX.



Does OctaFX charge commissions?

No, OctaFX offers commission-free trading. Instead, OctaFX charges markup on spreads to cover its fee for facilitating the trade.


Can my rebates reduce my OctaFX trading fees?

Yes, your rebates could offset your trading fees.



OctaFX Trading and Non-Trading Fees


Calculating Forex Trading Rebates with OctaFX


OctaFX provides a discount ranging from $4.8 to $8 each lot. The amount of the refund varies depending on the number of active customers under the Introducing Broker (IB).

An active customer is one who has a balance of more than $100 and has had 5 legitimate orders closed within the last 30 days.  Both loss and profit orders are eligible for reimbursement. In addition to the refund, you will get a loyalty bonus of up to 5% and reward points equivalent to 1% of the rebate amount.

Here is an easy example: If you trade ten lots in a week and the rebate is $8 per lot, you will earn a $8 refund (10 lots * $8). If you also earn a 5% loyalty incentive, you will receive an extra $4 (5% of $80). As a result, your total refund for the week is $84.



Does OctaFX have a rebates calculator?

No, OctaFX does not have a native calculator for determining rebates.


How can I determine my OctaFX rebates?

You can use a third-party calculator or speak to OctaFX customer support.



Calculating Forex Trading Rebates with OctaFX


Claiming and Withdrawing Forex Rebates at OctaFX


Rebates are added to the rebate balance on a weekly basis and can be withdrawn at any time based on the available amount as follows:


  • ✅ In the member area, you can configure your refund method to be automatic or manual.
  • ✅ Then, choose a payment method to which the refund will be sent. This can be a wire transfer or an electronic currency like Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, or PayPal.
  • ✅ Please note that the OctaFX rebate value is not constant and might fluctuate between $4.8 and $8 per lot.



The number of active customers under the IB has an impact on this. Furthermore, if IB commissions change, the rebate reporting system will automatically adapt.


How to Deposit Funds with OctaFX


To deposit funds to an account with OctaFX, traders can follow these steps:


  • ✅ Traders can easily make deposits by logging into their Personal Area and selecting the “Deposit” option from the dashboard menu.
  • ✅ They can choose the trading account they want to fund and select the deposit method that is available to them from the various options.
  • ✅ Deposits can be made using funds from bank accounts, debit or credit cards, e-wallets, or cryptocurrency wallets.



Other deposit methods include electronic wallets or digital currency wallets.  Traders must note that the available payment methods will vary depending on the trader’s country of residence.


OctaFX Fund and Rebate Withdrawal Process


To withdraw funds from an account with OctaFX, traders can follow these steps:


  • ✅ Log in to your Personal Area and select “Withdrawal” from the dashboard menu.
  • ✅ Choose the account that you wish to withdraw funds from.
  • ✅ Select the payment method that is available in your country.
  • ✅ Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and provide additional information.
  • ✅ Submit your withdrawal request.



Wait for the OctaFX finance team to process your request. The processing time may vary depending on the payment method that you selected.  Once the withdrawal request is processed, the funds will be transferred to your designated account.



Can I withdraw my OctaFX rebates immediately?

Yes, there are no restrictions on withdrawing your rebates from OctaFX.


What is the frequency of OctaFX’s rebate payouts?

OctaFX pays out rebates on a weekly basis.



Claiming and Withdrawing Forex Rebates at OctaFX


Legal and Tax Implications: Understanding Forex Trading Rebates with OctaFX


Legal and tax problems might arise from forex trading, particularly the usage of refunds. The ramifications vary depending on the jurisdiction and the circumstances of the individual dealer.

It is vital to understand that forex trading gains are typically taxed. Because tax rules and regulations differ widely from nation to country, it is essential for traders to grasp the tax laws in their place of residency. For tax reasons, it is also essential to maintain accurate records of trade activity.


Risks and Limitations of Forex Trading Rebates at OctaFX


There are various dangers associated with forex trading that traders should be aware of. Currency markets are very volatile, with economic, political, and other variables influencing them. This volatility might influence the value of forex rebates. Other risks include:


  • ✅ Regulatory Risk: OctaFX is categorized as Average Risk, with a Trust Score of 70 out of 99. Customers serviced by the broker’s unregulated offshore firm in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) are not protected by regulation.
  • ✅ Limited Tradeable Instruments: OctaFX provides a basic, low-cost MetaTrader platform experience, but its tradeable instruments are limited. This may reduce the possibility of receiving refunds.
  • ✅ Scam Programs: One of the most significant disadvantages of rebate sites is the enormous quantity of scam programs. Some malevolent internet users employ fake applications to target unwary traders.
  • ✅ OctaFX lacks educational content, making it difficult to compete with the best multi-asset brokers in this area. This may hinder a trader’s capacity to properly comprehend and benefit from forex trading rebates.



OctaFX looks to provide cheap trading costs, however, its advertised spreads lack associated date ranges, which may cause confusion or misunderstanding regarding the real trading costs.


Legal and Tax Implications Understanding Forex Trading Rebates with OctaFX


Strategies to Maximize Rebates with OctaFX


Several websites offer a rebate calculator tool that enables you to determine the amount you should pay as a refund for your referral. This calculator will assist you in determining how much you can earn in rebates depending on your trading volume.  OctaFX provides a weekly rebate option that is paid straight to your trading account. This implies that you will not have to wait long to get your rebates. This money may be used to trade more and earn additional rebates.

Trading charges such as spreads and fees may cut into your earnings. You may mitigate these expenses and boost your total profitability by utilizing the OctaFX rebates.

OctaFX has a referral program that allows you to earn extra rewards by introducing other traders. You could get extra rebates by referring more traders.


Strategies to Maximize Rebates with OctaFX


OctaFX Awards and Recognition


According to OctaFX’s website, the company has been recognized for the following honors in recent years as a broker:


  • ✅ Best Copy Trading Platform in 2022.
  • ✅ Best Broker in Asia for 2022.
  • ✅ Best Online Broker Globally in 2022.
  • ✅ Most Reliable Broker in South Africa in 2022.
  • ✅ Decade of Excellence in Forex Asia 2021



and many, MANY more!


OctaFX Awards and Recognition


OctaFX Customer Support


🔎 Customer Support📌 OctaFX’s Customer Support
⏰ Operating Hours24/7
🥰 Support LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese
😊 Live ChatYes
💌 Email AddressYes
☎️ Telephonic SupportYes
💙 The overall quality of OctaFX Support4.2/5


Customer Support – Live Chat Questions and Answers


We tested OctaFX’s live chat by asking them some of the most common FAQs prospective traders might have, and we have recorded their answers below. Answers are verbatim but edited for spelling and grammar.


How quickly will I receive my sign-up bonus?

“You can claim a 10/30/50% bonus with every direct deposit to your real trading account. Once you make a deposit, the bonus is added.”


Do you recommend leverage?

“The maximum leverage we provide is 1:500. The higher the leverage, the lower the required margin to open a position. Let me give you an example of how leverage works.

For example, with 1:1 leverage, you would need 1,088.68 to open a 0.01 lot of EURUSD, but with 1:500 leverage, you would only need 2.18$, which means 500 times less. It is up to you to choose what leverage you may and would like to use.”


Do you provide compensation to eligible clients?

“OctaFX is a reliable broker with a solid reputation that complies with international regulatory standards. With over 11 years in the industry, we’ve gained a wealth of experience and expertise to be called one of the best in the business.”


How do you protect client data and information?

“We are committed to protecting your funds and maintaining complete privacy of any personal information we receive from you.”


What execution speeds can I expect, and what is your execution policy?

“On average, the execution speed is under 0.1 second.”


How do you handle customer complaints?

“If anything happens, you may contact us via live chat or email [email protected], and we will assist you. Our customer support works 24/7”


What is the recommended initial deposit?

“Our minimum deposit amounts are calculated according to the tendencies presented by the market.

The minimum deposit via Local bank and Instant bank transfer is R900. Visa is 25 USD, Neteller and Skrill is 50 USD, Bitcoin is 0.00037 BTC, Ethereum is 0.02 ETH, via Litecoin is 0.3 LTC, via Tether is 50 USDT, via Dogecoin is 230 DOGE.


Can I contact OctaFX support 24/7?

Yes, OctaFX support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across various channels.


Does OctaFX have multilingual support?

Yes, OctaFX allows you to select a language with which you are comfortable receiving support.



OctaFX Customer Support


OctaFX Bonuses and Current Promotions


OctaFX offers traders the following bonuses and promotions:


  • ✅ OctaFX offers a demo trading contest, a risk-free way for traders to practice and improve their skills. The contest’s top-performing traders are awarded real cash prizes, which can be withdrawn or used for trading.
  • ✅ Trade and win giveaway: This promotion is a random draw held among traders meeting certain trading volume requirements. Traders can win prizes like smartphones, laptops, or even a trip to an exotic location.
  • ✅ OctaFX offers a bonus of up to 50% on deposits made by traders. The bonus amount can be used for trading and withdrawn once the trader meets certain trading volume requirements.



OctaFX offers a loyalty program for its traders, which allows them to earn points based on their trading activity. Traders can use these points to upgrade their account status, which offers various benefits such as lower spreads, faster withdrawals, and a personal account manager.



Can I get a no-deposit bonus from OctaFX?

No, OctaFX does not currently offer a no-deposit bonus but offers a 50% deposit bonus.


Does OctaFX offer a bonus for demo accounts?

Yes, OctaFX has a demo trading contest where traders can win cash prizes that are withdrawable.



OctaFX Bonuses and Current Promotions


OctaFX User Reviews


🥇 Top Notch!

OctaFX offers top-notch trading experiences, training, and insights, with an easy-to-use trading app and an excellent copy trading feature. – Amin Malone



🥈 Great Broker.

While OctaFX is a great broker for forex trading, there is room for improvement in deposit and withdrawal processing times, according to a user who has been trading with the platform for five months. – Levi Waters



🥉 Trusted and Reliable.

OctaFX is a trusted and reliable broker, considered by the user to be the best in their experience with multiple brokers, and they hope to continue their partnership with the company. – Lois Blanchard


OctaFX User Reviews


OctaFX Pros and Cons


✅ Pros❎ Cons
OctaFX is regulated by CySEC, FSCA, and SVG, ensuring a high level of oversight and security for tradersOctaFX offers a relatively limited range of assets for trading compared to some other brokers, which may not be sufficient for more experienced traders who require a wider selection
OctaFX offers competitive spreads, which can reduce trading costsOctaFX only offers EUR and USD as base currencies, which may result in conversion fees for traders who prefer using other currencies
The broker has a low minimum deposit requirement, making it accessible to a wide range of tradersWhile OctaFX supports major deposit and withdrawal methods, the available options are limited compared to some other brokers, potentially inconveniencing traders who prefer alternative payment methods
OctaFX offers a copy trading service, which allows traders to replicate the trades of successful traders, making it beneficial for new traders or those looking to diversify their trading strategiesThere are currently only two live trading accounts available, which limits options for traders



Recommendation for Improving OctaFX Cashback Rebates


OctaFX presently has less than 230 tradeable instruments. Extending this range would give traders additional options and boost trading volume, which would result in greater rebates. Other recommendations include:


  • ✅ OctaFX has improved its pricing, but it may improve openness even more by giving date ranges for its average spread statistics. This would enable traders to make more informed judgments and boost trading activity, resulting in greater rebates.
  • ✅ OctaFX might benefit from improving its instructional material, particularly in terms of understanding market dynamics and maximizing the rebates program’s advantages. Educated traders are more likely to trade more, earning more rebates.
  • ✅ OctaFX is regulated in Cyprus and South Africa, but obtaining more regulatory licenses, particularly in Tier-1 jurisdictions, would increase trust with existing and prospective customers, potentially leading to an increase in the number of traders and the volume of trades, resulting in more rebates.



Finally, OctaFX offers a diverse range of research information, however, there is potential for improvement. More in-depth and diverse research might assist traders in making better trading selections, resulting in higher trading activity and more rebates.



Our Verdict on OctaFX


In our experience, OctaFX’s rebate program offers a tangible benefit to active traders, providing a cashback incentive that can help offset trading costs and enhance profitability.

The program is straightforward and transparent, with rebates credited weekly and no restrictions on withdrawal. However, the effectiveness of the program is tied to trading volume, making it more beneficial for high-volume traders.

However, our findings show that while OctaFX has made strides in improving its overall offering, further enhancements in areas such as the expansion of tradeable instruments, increased transparency in pricing, and the provision of more in-depth educational and research resources could make the rebate program even more attractive.



Frequently Asked Questions


What are forex trading rebates?

Forex trading rebates are a portion of the transaction cost that is paid back to the client on each trade, providing a cash incentive to traders.


Can I lose my OctaFX rebates?

Once credited to your account, the rebates are yours and cannot be lost.


How do forex trading rebates work with OctaFX?

At OctaFX, traders receive a rebate of $4.8 to $8 per lot traded, which is credited to their account and can be withdrawn at any time.


Can I earn rebates on OctaFX’s proprietary trading platform?

Yes, you can earn rebates on OctaFX’s proprietary trading platform as well as on the MT4 and MT5 platforms.


Are forex trading rebates taxable?

Forex trading rebates can be considered as income and may be subject to tax, depending on the tax laws of your country.


Are OctaFX’s rebates available to all traders?

Yes, as long as you have a live trading account and meet certain trading volume requirements.


Are there any limitations or restrictions on using forex trading rebates?

Yes, there could be limitations when you use OctaFX’s rebates, including the minimum trading volume requirements.


Does OctaFX offer a higher rebate rate for high-volume traders?

The rebate rate is fixed, but high-volume traders will naturally earn more rebates due to the increased trading activity.


Are there any requirements to be eligible for forex trading rebates with OctaFX?

To be eligible for forex trading rebates with OctaFX, you typically need to have a live trading account and meet certain trading volume requirements.


Are OctaFX’s rebates applicable to both long and short positions?

Yes, you can earn rebates on both long and short positions.


Can I combine forex trading rebates with other promotions or bonuses offered by OctaFX?

Yes, OctaFX allows traders to combine rebates and other bonuses, subject to terms and conditions.


How are forex trading rebates credited to my account with OctaFX?

Forex trading rebates are credited to your OctaFX account weekly and can be withdrawn at any time.


How can I sign up for forex trading rebates with OctaFX?

You can sign up for forex trading rebates with OctaFX by opening a live trading account and opting into the rebate program.


Are OctaFX’s rebates available worldwide?

The availability of OctaFX’s rebates may depend on regulatory restrictions in certain countries.


How can I track and monitor my forex trading rebates with OctaFX?

You can track and monitor your forex trading rebates through your OctaFX account dashboard.


Does OctaFX offer a referral program for additional rebates?

Yes, you can earn additional rebates by referring other traders to OctaFX.


How much can I earn through forex trading rebates with OctaFX?

The amount you can earn through forex trading rebates with OctaFX depends on your trading volume, with rebates ranging from $4.8 to $8 per lot traded.